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Mobile Technology Serves Up Business

Whether used externally to reach customers or internally to keep in touch with employees, mobile technology is a boon to businesses of all sizes Mobile technology has become nearly ubiquitous, and companies would be wise to…

Do Must Have Apps Mean A Smarter Business?

“Top 5 Must Have Daily” Apps – Utilizing Smartphone Technology to Enhance Your Business Experience   Are Smartphones getting smarter or are we just learning how to utilize them more effectively?  The smartphone application

The Next Big Thing in Technology?

Three technology considerations- for your customers sake don't get caught up in the hype As I skim through multiple technology articles of the newly introduced Samsung smartwatch and ongoing drips of information regarding Google…

Is Social Media Good For Business?

For small- or medium-sized business owners the use of social media, the answer is a solid “maybe” EDITOR'S NOTE: This article is part one in a three-part series on social media and business. As a small-business owner, I constantly

The Washington Post Morphs To The Amazon Post?

A look at the exciting possibilities for the future of The Washington Post No, no one has called it that yet, at least not that I've seen, but news of founder Jeff Bezos’ $250 million acquisition of The Washington Post…

Mobile And Smartphones Advancing Business

Video- Tech visionary Irving Wladawsky-Berger discusses the importance of mobile and smartphones for small and medium businesses. Episode #3 Because the use of mobile technology and smartphones are growing at an exponential rate people,

The Changing Face of Personal Computing

Personal computing, mobility, tablets, cloud, BYOD, smartphones and other technologies are altering the way people work. In my last column, I wrote about the changing definition of Personal Computing. The PC isn't going away.…

Meet the Needs of All of Your Website Visitors

Responsive Web design ensures your site looks great on mobile phones and tablet devices too According to the Media Behavior Institute, 43.5 percent of its survey participants accessed the Internet via a mobile phone each week during

Choosing a Smartphone for Your Business

Inside information about the leading brands and models A good smartphone is a daily planner, a communications center, a business organizer, a budgeter, a time-management tool and an inventory analyzer all in one. That's why you want

10 Rock Solid Apps for Business

Our list includes 10 top smartphone apps can help your business succeed in an economy that is increasingly driven by mobile Image: Fotolia According to recent studies from Nielsen, Hispanic professionals are…

Mobile Trends for Hispanic Business

The proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices among Hispanic consumers underscores the importance of using mobile marketing. Image: Fotolia One of the most interesting stories that I have seen…

Business Smartphone Security Basics

Smartphones and other mobile devices are the new frontier for hackers; is your Hispanic business at risk? Whether we’re walking down a busy city street, waiting at the airport or sitting on the