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No Fans, No Fun?

“Anyone who thinks this is somehow a wave of the future has either never been to a game or isn’t a real sports fan. Because fans ARE sports. A big time crowd makes the event. And sports needs that back.” -- Bob Wischusen, Broadcaster If…

Sports Are Coming Back!

Slowly but surely there is live action returning to the tube. Unfortunately, games are being played, at least for the foreseeable future, without fans in the stands. On the bright side, fairly soon we will have NHL and NBA action and NFL…

Sports’ Return Will Be a Bumpy Ride

As the late, great radio broadcaster of the New York Mets Bob Murphy used to say in the ninth inning of a close game, “Put on your seatbelts!” Sports are ready to start up and in some places are already under way.  The Colonial Golf…

The Death of Sports or Just a New Normal

TALKING SPORTS WITH DAVE TORROMEO As Don McLean notes in his epic ballad, “I can’t remember if I cried,” but I am sure I was just as numb the day the sports world “died.” We had just finished our radio show “The Clubhouse” (heard…

A Black Belt Hispanic Business

A Small Business With a Lot of Fight- How a Doctor Established A Mixed Martial Arts Gym in an Unlikely Locale You wouldn’t normally expect a doctor from Brazil to hang up his stethoscope to pursue an entrepreneurial

Pour Some Sugar On Me! Way to Go Ohio State!

TGIF Fashionistas (and NCAA football fans)! Well it's another sweet day of the New Year especially if you are a Buckeye fan! The Sugar Bowl ended in a 42-35 win for OSU against #1 ranked Alabama!!! Getting'

Oscar De La Hoya- Still Golden?

A retrospective and update - Flush from a successful career as a boxer, Oscar De La Hoya prepared for a life as an entrepreneur. He might have been undecided about his future in the ring, but Oscar De La Hoya knew precisely

Milka Duno’s Need For Speed

Venezuela's Milka Duno, for this Latina breaking ground is all about the thrill In a sport whose slogan might as well be "Good ole boys and their hotrods," Milka Duno is that rarest of rarities: a Latina whose stunning good looks belie all…

Cycling For Success

Take a Break and Hit the Road with a Group of Like-Minded Cyclists Our small group a riders crested the hill about 20 miles into the ride. After a short sprint, one of the riders boasted that he was the king of the mountain for the day as

The Lorena Ochoa Golf Foundation

Founded on the premise that Ms. Ochoas own success and happiness are due in no small part to her full and balanced childhood, the Lorena Ochoa Golf Foundation (LOGF) seeks to impart life lessons about health, education and family values.…