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Five Steps On How to Create a Cash Flow Forecast

Creating Assumptions for the Cash Flow Projections The income statement reports billings and accrued expenses. The cash flow statement reports collections and payments—cash inflow and outflow. The cash flow statement differs

Small Business Startups – Making It Legal

Quick and concise backgrounder for start ups- Start Up Handbook series part 1 "Making it Legal" This is part one of a ten part series for start ups and new entrepreneurs. Establishing a Legal Entity -

Working Mobile: 4 Apps to Get More Done on the Move

Small business owners need to manage all aspects of business and life in real-time Let’s face it. Where, and how, we work is changing. We’re spending less time in offices and at desks. More time on the go.  Much in part due to the

Do’s and Don’ts of Credit Best Practices

Follow these 5 Do's and 3 Don'ts for healthy small business credit score The “DO” Do pay your bills on time. Do keep credit cards balances low (try to keep balances under 1/3 of your current credit limit. Do pay off…

De-mystify the Business of Credit

Getting a handle on the "ins and outs" of credit is core for small business owners and consumers In an ever-evolving attempt to de-mystify the business of credit and make it easier understand the Board of Governors of the

The Hacker Prevention Checklist

No business is impervious to hackers as Sony and eBay can attest, but basic knowledge can help The massive Sony security breach and the other multiple well-publicized cyber attacks in 2014 demonstrate the

Crafting a Business Plan

The business plan is an essential first step to any start up. This business plan mock up will help identify key categories. The Valley Inn Restaurant and Gift Shop BUSINESS DESCRIPTION The Valley

The S-Corp or the New LLC?

Here are the pros and cons of the S-Corp and LLC to be considered when electing to incorporate your business For those who have started a business or have their own business, the question has always been asked… should I have my

Android Owner Purchases iPhone 6 and Reports

Insights on the performance of iPhone 6 vs. the Android smartphone This is not another article worshipping Apple and their products. I recently switched from my Verizon HTC One M7 smartphone running Android version 4.03 to an Apple…

Insurance Is Shielding What’s Yours

Insurance is an essential part of running a successful business. As you'll see, policies come in all-shapes and sizes. Business owners face many risks. Let's talk about business insurance to protect what you have.

Entrepreneurs Who Wrote The Book

What can we learn from U.S. entrepreneurs who were our original corporate titans? There’s a great series by The History Channel titled “The Men that Built America”, chronicling the lives of American entrepreneurs

The High Tech Brain Gain And STEM

A local government focuses on STEM educational programs to retain its most valuable asset —intellectual capital Westchester County, New York’s emphasis on Science, Technology Education, Engineering and Math or…

The New Work Force

Independent workers will soon become the majority. Is it time to choose that path? I was recently laid off from my job as director of creative development at The Weather Channel. This is my second layoff since 2009. I have…

Equity Crowd Funding 101

How Hispanic entrepreneurs can join the crowd to raise money for their companies You need to raise money to fund and grow your Hispanic small business. You have come up with a proposed investment structure and…

The Accidental Entrepreneur

Chapter 2 – Getting Started, The First Three Years I am a researcher, that’s who and what I am. And I am a Hispanic researcher, dedicated to bringing the voice of the Hispanic population to the people who need

Franchising Rewards and Challenges

Franchises businesses are growing rapidly with 400,000 firms employing 10 billion people Image: Fotolia Owning a franchise is like being a business owner without all of the associated risks. Franchise owners enjoy the benefits of…

Burn The Ships!

...And Other Words of Advice From A Successful Entrepreneur (This is the second of an exclusive two-part series on Atlanta data services company Cloud Sherpas. See Part 1  to find out how the company went from basement hobby to Google

The Right Startup

Startup America Helps Entrepreneurs Get Off On The Right Foot Maxine Gomez, CFO of Pompano Beach, Florida-based Swipes Inc., is on a roll. Making a two-minute "elevator pitch" to a half-dozen corporate executives and…

7 Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these too-common errors as you rev up your business. When running a business, it's easy to get caught up in day-to-day concerns and lose sight of the big picture. Here are some costly yet all too common mistakes to