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An Ortega Family Easter

Latino family holiday traditions...Easter in Casa Ortega Easter in Casa Ortega is coming into its own as the Spring counterpart to Christmas: a lot of waiting and preparing, followed by a rush of celebration (and sugar!).

Creating Traditions, but Keeping It Simple

¡Feliz año nuevo! and ¡Feliz Navidad! In our family, Christmas is not over. The twelve day season extends through New Year’s Day until Dia De Reyes, or Epiphany, when the three wisemen traditionally deliver gifts to Mexican

My Five Favorite Netflix in Spanish [Video]

Learning Spanish as an adult then, has been a practice in humility. Interaction with real people is the best way to learn a language. My high school French was sufficient for reading, but never for IRL (In Real Life). I

Thank-You Notes: In or Out?

The debate rages in contemporary America: Are thank-you notes still relevant? Necessary? Required? Israel and Josie Ortega on home town, career and work life and family balance I suspect the discussion isn’t new, but in

Make Room for Happy Hour!

Among the things that I am really enjoying about my new job is our monthly happy hour. Yes, it’s a chance for the office to get together and socialize with a drink, but it’s also an opportunity to invite friends, colleagues,

Is there a Social Life After Kids?

I’ll admit it. Once my wife and I made the decision that we were ready to have kids, my next thought was: well there goes our social life. I had heard enough of parent stories to know that our entire lives would soon revolve