Small Business Absent With Leave

 The best defense is to have the right policy in place here are four tips to help avoid minefields. It’s rarely easy for a small business to work around the loss of an employee who’s out on a leave of absence. But you may have to…

Interviewing for Authenticity

Part 2 in the New Year, New Hires series. Part 1 is entitled Kick Off The New Decade With A New Hire: A Refresher Course On Hiring Happy new year and new decade to all! As promised, I am sharing the second part in the…

Hiring Better Fitting Employees

Hiring an employee is knowing what you are looking for and how to find it in an applicant. Considering hiring a new employee? Despite what we see in the movies, meeting an interesting stranger, hitting it off after a few

The Art of Hiring for Your Small Business

5 Tips for Making the Right Hiring Choices Breathing is something we do unconsciously. We just breathe. And it happens automatically. But I have recently discovered the magic of conscious breathing and how important it is

Employees Are Your Most Valuable Assets

Creating a solid fringe benefit program for your employees will build value for them and for your small business. As they say, it’s the little things that matter If your employees are your bread and butter, don’t skimp on

How to Keep Your Best Employees

It can be difficult for Hispanic small businesses to retain top talent; however, it’s not impossible. In this article, you can learn the main reasons employees leave and how to prevent turnover of your best performers. Losing a…

Confidence is Key to Getting Hired

Getting hired requires confidence that often trumps skills when it comes to the intangible connection between interviewer and interviewee. The key to getting hired is not always about possessing ‘required’ skills. More importantly  

5 Strategies for Motivating Employees

Valuing your employees will help build your business   What motivates people?  As a business owner or leader it is imperative that you understand what motivates people because without people your business could not succeed.

Your Employees Can Help Move the Needle

Here are 10 steps to engage your employees and increase your bottom line Statistics show that companies with engaged employees enjoy a 27% higher operating margin than their competitors. An engaged employee is a person who is…

The 9 Key Pitfalls of Hiring

Hispanic small businesses must be aware of laws relating to the hiring of employees. As any Hispanic small business owner knows, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of federal, state and local laws that must be

Retirement Plans Can Attract the Best Talent

3 key considerations when selecting a 401k retirement plan to improve the small business talent and retention competitive edge I am sure you have seen the ads challenging your knowledge on how much money you will need for…

6 Tips for Career Success

Here are 6 career tips, habits that I adopted based on Stephen R. Covey's great advice. When it comes to career tips and success, it's hard to think of a better career advice checklist than Stephen R. Covey's "The 7 Habits of

Setting Policy on Sexual Harassment

Prepare a comprehensive policy now and prevent problems later. Federal and state laws have long required employers to take steps to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. One crucial step is to prepare and

Promoting Diversity

It’s Not Just Good Business. It May Be Legal Business Promoting diversity in the workplace helps businesses recruit and retain qualified employees and respond to the needs of customers in the global marketplace. And in some

Getting the New Hire Off to a Good Start

A successful first 90 days will increase employee retention and productivity Periodic inquiries will help you understand the new hire’s personality and work habits The first 90 days is often referred to as the probationary

Preparing For an Employee’s First Day

Effective on-boarding enables new employees to establish a network and foster a spirit of collaboration. Once the decision to hire has been established and the new employee is on board orientation is

Work Hard? Take Time to Thank Yourself

Taking advantage of workplace offered wellness programs With Thanksgiving behind us and the chaos of the winter holidays upon us it’s very important to take a moment to give thanks to our selves. We take for granted just how

Adventures Abound With Career Opportunities

Small businesses need talent, recognize an opportunity and be willing to listen carefully and consider all angles and factors Life presents opportunities every day. We hear the knock on our door and rush to open it or ignore it,…

The Complexities of Co-Ownership

Offering employees co-ownership or a piece of the company can be complicated-and risky-undertaking. As an alternative to increasing cash compensation, many employers are choosing to offer stock options to attract and retain

Firing Without Getting Burned

Before firing an employee make sure you have a code of standards in place to avoid wrongful discharge litigation Wrongful discharge lawsuits are an unfortunate fact of life for today’s business owners. In light of this,…

Millennial vs. Boomer: Tips On Hiring the Best

Part 2: The Millennial view- having grown up with technology see it as an essential part of how they interact with others, including fellow employees and customers In this part 2 of a two-part series, we're examining how Boomers and…

Affordable Care Act 101 Small-Business Tips

9 tips to ensure you comply with the requirements of the Affordable Care Act The Affordable Care Act has been in part been in place since 2010. There are, however, changes that have taken place since its inception. As a…

The New Work Force

Independent workers will soon become the majority. Is it time to choose that path? I was recently laid off from my job as director of creative development at The Weather Channel. This is my second layoff since 2009. I have…

Hispanic Heritage, My Parents, My Heroes

Family’s devotion and sacrifice taught daughter the importance of hard work and dedication Devotion to family is an easy trait to find among Latino parents. When it comes to heroes, most of us would probably not think of…

Personality Tests for Candidates Unlawful?

Use caution when conducting personality tests on potential employees as a narrow line exists between a legal personality test and an unlawful medical exam Employers have been testing job applicants for many years. For…

To Unionize or Not to Unionize?

Hispanic business considerations for employees and entrepreneurs regarding unions. One of the most important decisions that employees can face is whether to elect a union to represent their interests. When confronted…

Big City-Small Town Signing On Dotted Line?

Employment contract considerations, from an employer's perspective. Whether your business is in a big city or small town, there are numerous legal issues that can result from entering into an employment contract, and too

Background Check

Avoid the pitfalls that come with conducting a background check. For many employers, obtaining background checks on applicants or employees is a routine part of doing business. Indeed, some employers, such as educational institutions,…

Parents Have Rights

The law respects employees’ family obligations. You should too. There is a growing trend of lawsuits filed in U.S. courts by workers alleging discrimination because of their obligations to care for children,

Managing Religious Diversity

Just what is ‘reasonable accommodation?’ America boasts a multitude of religious faiths, and they are not felt lightly. In a recent poll, most respondents said that religion plays a "very important" role in their lives. Of course,

Fire Hazard

How to dismiss an employee without getting sued The risk of a "wrongful discharge" lawsuit is an unfortunate fact of life for today's business owner. Nevertheless, sometimes an unsatisfactory employee must be fired. Here's the right

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