The Anatomy of a Latina Entrepreneur





LBT: Lily tell us about past business successes and failures and impact on choices.

I have succeeded in every sales job I have ever had, and there have been over 20 in my life.

But there was always one consistent thought in my head – “I am working my butt off for the owners of this business and I am giving away more than half of what I am earning to them. This does not make sense! Yet, even though the only thing that made sense was for me to start my own business, I believed it would require lots of money to get a business started, so I didn’t even consider it.

At some point I gave in and landed a big corporate job that paid me a lot of money and benefits to do what I did best…sell stuff.

But even though I received several promotions in a 5-year span, along with the big salary came loss of freedom; so it wasn’t long before I had to seek an alternative. That’s when I decided to take what I had learned at this company and turn it into my own business.

I resigned without having something clearly lined up or without really knowing what I was doing.

LBT: Have you ever had had a formal mentor? 


Lily Winsaft and son

Lily Winsaft and son

Not a formal mentor, but it hasn’t been because I didn’t want a mentor.

I strongly believe in mentoring, coaching and in leveraging the counsel of key individuals within one’s circle of influence. My mentors have been my parents and my children.

From them I have learned about values such as commitment, discipline, integrity, authenticity, perseverance, focus, etc. Additionally, my spiritual practices have led me to being an avid reader of books that have to do with self empowerment, expansive thinking, creative presence, enlightened leadership, conscious decision-making, etc.

One of the most beautiful things anyone ever said to me and that truly impacted me was, “Failure is not an option.”

It came out of my oldest son’s mouth at a time when I was considering throwing in the towel with the business. ten years later, Lance is pretty much running the business and I am so happy that I did not give up.

He recently opened our office in San Diego and is doing a great job building a sales team that he is training and mentoring.

In part two we’ll cover Lily’s business in depth and how her upbringing and experience contributed to its success.

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