The Small Business Intersection of Sports, Entertainment and Learning





the winner of LATAM GESA awards has built a k12 learning platform by which its students identify, map, prototype and act upon the Unesco Millenium Development Goals using games as their engagement mechanism.


An Israeli company that  takes a unique approach to teaching K to 6 math using hands-on and interactive mini-games, called episodes. These immersive bite-sized apps for tablets and personal computers are based on a modular and progressive spiral learning system.

Their extensive portfolio of hundreds of activities and worksheets are entirely curriculum-driven. The richly indexed activities and worksheets were developed to easily facilitate mapping onto popular textbooks and standard math curricula.

Matific is a fantastic tool for teaching math intuitively and introducing children to scientific thinking.

The Matific approach was designed to provide optimal support for educators to convey math concepts as effectively and engagingly as possible. Matific episodes enable a blended learning approach. Having selected the relevant episodes, teachers can seamlessly integrate hands-on math explorations into their own class learning format.


A Brazilian educational technology firm, focused on solutions targeting language training assessment, and a particular focus on English.

As the world’s first adaptive training platform focused on English language proficiency exams, EduSynch’s primary differentiator lies in its ability to understand the necessities of every individual user and adapt to these necessities through a proprietary algorithm, allowing each user to focus on his or her specific needs.

The EduSynch platform tracks performance data around each discipline (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking) focused on time management as well as content competency, feeding each user relevant test questions and content for them to improve their scores.

New trends in student engagement arise from sports and entertainment, but this nascent industry is still facing growing pains.

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