Three Essential Marketing Campaign Components

Tool 2: a decision grid:

Decision Grid

All of these promotions and loyalty clubs can be done inexpensively using digital media, including Web, search and mobile with a variety of tools included in the media (online video, SMS and more).

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A Benchmark

Geico is probably one of the most prolific examples. They had running, at the same time, regular campaigns: “

Fifteen minutes could save you 15 percent or more,” the cavemen, the eyes, the “living under a rock” and the hyperbolic guy (“Can Geico save you 15 percent in your car insurance?” followed by some outlandish example).

Capital One (“What’s in your pocket?”) also has several campaigns running at the same time: the Vikings, the guy with the baby who doesn’t want money back and Alec Baldwin.

In both cases, not only do the different creatives not cause any noise, you might notice sales points in one campaign but not in the other (cash back, no black-out dates, etc.).


The era of simple solutions died a decade ago. Consumers have always been complex. Today, however, we have much better (and affordable) tools to understand them and a broader media environment with which to reach them with highly segmented messages.

In addition to thinking about consumers along smaller segments (e.g., by lifestyle in addition to age, gender and geography), we should also consider their “state” of consumption, because it is now feasible to create and deliver multiple campaigns to address these differences.

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