Women and Men, Career, Life and Their Choices

Over the years, I have held leadership roles in organizations as diverse as Junior Achievement, high school partnership committees, the American Red Cross and the Sister Cities International program. So many times over the course of my career, I have connected with others not based on my title, or even my profession, but based on the shared stories of service in these organizations. I encourage you to find the time for this. Your children or your mentees, if you have them, need to see the role model that you are not just as a parent but also as a member of the community where you live. And you will be the ultimate winner.

Now, I have just succeeded in breaking my rule of threes: “Only make three points, because people can easily remember things in threes.” I break it a lot. But four is close. I’d like to hear your professional advice, and I’d like to know what you think of “Makers: Women Who Make America.” Come on guys, you too. Have we made progress? What have we yet to do? What stories can you share?

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Andrea Cotter, a 30-year marketing and communications veteran, runs a successful business consultancy. She helps companies strategically develop and grow their businesses using fully integrated brand communications.