Find Your True Zone of Genius!! [Video]

Isa Herrera MSPT & CSCS, founder of Pelvic Pain Relief shares some insight into the nuances of Telehealth & Telecoaching. She also suggests that we look inward at some of the skill sets we’ve developed over time that we’re not using…

The Death of Sports or Just a New Normal

TALKING SPORTS WITH DAVE TORROMEO As Don McLean notes in his epic ballad, “I can’t remember if I cried,” but I am sure I was just as numb the day the sports world “died.” We had just finished our radio show “The Clubhouse” (heard…

A Breakfast of Champions [Video 3]

Victoria E. Martinez talks breakfast and three healthful components. A little something to get your ready for your morning "breakfast of champions". Victoria E. Martinez, yoga teacher & holistic health coach explains the importance of…

Confused About Health Coverage? Join the Club.

Confused About Health Coverage? Join the Club. Let’s face it, when it comes to health insurance, even the smartest, most educated entrepreneurs struggle to keep up with the constant changes. As if things weren’t hard enough we are…

Making Lemonade From Lemons

Things are weird right now.  Really weird! Uncertainty is not just a personal feeling at the moment, it is shared by people across the globe.  In these difficult times, It would be easy to give in to negative thoughts, fear of…

Spice Up Your Life! [Video]

Victoria Martinez introduces three healthful spices. Yoga teacher and holistic health coach, Victoria Martinez shares how 3 spices that you may already have in your panty can be integrated into your diet providing metabolic benefits. These…

Crayons and Conference Calls

Crayons and Conference Calls Suddenly, 80% of the country is under stay-at-home orders thanks to COVID-19. For those of us fortunate enough to still be employed, many have never worked from home. And it's a different skillset. As a mom…

The Power of Music [Music Video]

Towards the Sun - Rich Tozzoli & Romero Having worked together for over 20 years on projects ranging from live world tours to music for the NBC Olympics and a variety of other TV shows, Rich Tozzoli and Hernan Romero combine their…

A Simple Breath [Video]

Introducing yoga teacher and holistic health coach, Victoria Martinez to share tips on how to stay healthy and well. Sometimes we forget to take just the littlest bits of time throughout our busy day to be mindful about our own well being.…

Enrique Chiu: Dreams Without Borders

Painter, social activist, motivational speaker Enrique Chiu on the impact of art. Painter, social activist, motivational speaker… Enrique Chiu (Guadalajara, 1981) is perhaps best known for being the author of the world-famous…

Confidence is Key to Getting Hired

Getting hired requires confidence that often trumps skills when it comes to the intangible connection between interviewer and interviewee. The key to getting hired is not always about possessing ‘required’ skills. More importantly  

Planning is Key to Successful Meetings

Five meeting-planning best practices to help improve meeting quality. Face-to-face business meetings can be productive and don’t have to break the bank if they are planned carefully and well in advance Meetings hold such

My Art, Passion and Work

In my artistic endeavors as a jeweler, I pursue balance through asymmetry and contrast. It's crucial to indulge your artistic side to create a healthy work-life balance.

Tina Trevino at New York Fashion Week 2017

Ahhh…the scent of fashion is once again in the crisp fall air! The excitement of yet another NYFW is beginning! Attending the evening’s kick-off for NYFW at the Intrepid Air & Space Museum for the Gregorio

The Great White Tee

Bring your A-Game to the table with some great summer tee ideas!! We are full swing into the heat of the summer season when the temps are seriously rising and one of the most classic, easy, comfy, least expensive

My Five Favorite Netflix in Spanish [Video]

Learning Spanish as an adult then, has been a practice in humility. Interaction with real people is the best way to learn a language. My high school French was sufficient for reading, but never for IRL (In Real Life). I

Thank-You Notes: In or Out?

The debate rages in contemporary America: Are thank-you notes still relevant? Necessary? Required? Israel and Josie Ortega on home town, career and work life and family balance I suspect the discussion isn’t new, but in

Lessons from a Runaway

 After three very long days of suffering, my son and the two friends that had joined him were located. I recently celebrated a 2-year anniversary of a very painful and life-changing event that brought with it many life

The Boomer Generation Diet

How to lose over twenty pounds, and keep it off. Whether your a Boomer or a Millennial weight loss, a healthy diet and lifestyle will maximize your quality of life. A heathly lifestyle doesn't require going

Join Me on a Jr Contemporary Fashion Shoot

Great fashion shoot on a beautiful summer's day! Hello Fashionistas, This Friday was a day I had been expectantly looking forward to. It was the last day of an extremely hot and sunny July and I was slated for a late

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