Your Brand Is Not What You Think It Is…

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Social networks

Thanks to social networks there has been a significant growth in the trend towards a collaborative buying experience among not only Millennials but across the broader market including the Hispanic market. Consumers more than ever share experiences both good and bad; they make recommendations on platforms like Yelp, Tripadvisor, Facebook and Amazon.

On these free platforms, consumers  are engaged in a personal way by openly discussing their feelings and their experiences. These ‘real people experiences’, shared amongst a network, is what guides many consumers in their purchasing decisions. This aspect of decision-making is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Satisfied customers are not only loyal but also three times more likely to recommend your brand.

Brands more than ever need to ensure that they are meeting customer expectation and engaging consumers at higher levels of emotional competency, and this can be complex now that there are so many more opportunities for touch points.

How can your brand make these powerful emotional connections with the consumer?

  • Listen, listen, listen and act – designate an internal customer champion/advocate.
  • Build a customer-centric business – where they are present in your philosophy and everything you do.
  • Connect via an aspiration or value – think of a company like Patagonia – their customer is present in the company values – and have changed over the years accordingly.
  • Get closer to your customers – emotionally connect by developing one-on-one marketing.
  • Create Strong Communication on Multiple Channels to connect with your customer. Provide consistency and a high level of communication.
  • Create Positive experiences at critical moments – identify critical moments in the relationship and build positive rewards and connections at those times.

Stay true and honest to the brand experience you want your customers to experience. Make sure that apart from your brand delivering on tangible benefits, it also delivers a great feeling that helps to make a happy customer!

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