A Visit to Barcelona’s El Born a City Within a City







Religious crosses and pendants


Rosaries and religious beads….religion was a huge part of the Catalonians lives


Beautiful ceramic plates


Glass bottles and oil jars…

A couple of new and modern incentives to also visit El Born CC

L’Espai Gastronomic Del Born CC–

The restaurant housed here, “L’espai Gastronomic del Born CC” which serves tapas that are  very historically Catalan in flavor
Taking a history break….

The Llibreria Del Born–


A very large bookstore containing loads of historical books about Barcelona and its past


The bookstore also carries some local goods like olive oils and reproduction maps, archeological plans, etc…..all great little souvenirs.



And after your history tour, you’re back outside in “historic” Barcelona—it’s always a living history here in this beautiful city that holds so much from its past….



A neighboring building to El Born CC


Santa Maria del Mar Cathedral


Barcelona definitely sits at the top of my list of favorite cities to visit and I hope I am lucky enough to get back there soon! It never gets old or boring–there are always new little nooks and crannies of old and new treasures to find!