Chevy Bolt Is Transformative Lighting On Wheels [Video]



Cars like the Bolt, along with adoption of autonomous driving technologies plus services like Uber or ZipCar, will transform car economics into:

  • Use your smart phone to rent vehicle services on a daily, or even hourly, as-needed basis
  • Voice instruct the vehicle on destination
  • The vehicle will figure out the safest and fastest path in real time
  • Autonomous vehicles will rival air transportation’s safety record
  • Riders will digitally work or enjoy entertainment during the ride
  • Pay for the service through your smart phone
  • The vehicle mobility company will use electric cars because they avoid emission costs, have lower fuel costs (even at $1.50 per gallon), have lower maintenance costs and can be refueled while parked.

Is the Bolt the next iPhone

The electrified, autonomous automobile offered through as a ride sharing service dominated discussions at the 2016 North American International Auto Show. Ford announced revising their strategic vision around these technologies and now targets being a mobility company. Ford plans to invest $4.5 billion to launch 13 new electric cars by 2020.   GM also just invested $500 million in Lyft, a ride share company like Uber.

If you are a boomer like me then this can sound like so much tech hype. If you are a millennial then for you this disruptive economic model cannot arrive soon enough.

2107 Chevy Bolt

The iPhone offers a technology precedence for the future of personal transportation. In 2007 it was engaging product that most people were not asking for. Less than ten years later we all have smart phones and Apple is the most valuable corporation in the world.

The Bolt could be the auto industry’s iPhone. Right now it is a an engaging product that most people are not asking for.

Ten years from now when your autonomous electric vehicle is driving you safely (and emissions free) toward your house and your smart phone is automatically communicating with your home thermostat in anticipation of your arrival then you might think back to the Chevy Bolt and how it opened the door to the future of sustainable personal transportation.

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