Cuban-American Attorney Weighs In on US-Cuban Immigration




How the change would take place.

The issue was how the change would take place until the decision was ultimately made by the former president.

However, one aspect that has left many scratching their heads was the elimination of the Cuban Medical Professional Parole Program.  Many have seen Castro action regarding its physician activity as nothing more than indenture servitude on the part of Cuba.

The Cuban Medical Professional Parole Program was designed as a way to offset this servitude.  Now, with its elimination it appears the apparent servitude will continue.  Meanwhile, former President Obama has failed to explain what benefit the US received from this action.

It is possible this was just another concession given to the Castro government without a benefit provided to the US.

The Trump Administration

With the Trump administration taking over, it remains to be seen what will change with respect to the direction of the Cuban policy.

However, if President Trump’s transition team is any indication, his position will likely be one reminiscent of the policies existent prior Obama’s administration.

What is assured is the discussion of Cuba is sure to continue over the next four years.

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