Engage Customers With An Aligned Media Strategy

Going back to our mythical burger joint, after talking to consumers we determine that the reasons why they visit are various. Because we have not created a model that would let us determine a numerical value to each value, we just estimated levels of “very high,” “high,” etc.

For example:

In this case, both TV and Web can communicate most of the sales points. This index is used to factor the costs of each medium and arrive at a conclusion. In this case, the conclusion is that Web, search and out of home (OOH) provide a media plan that could deliver all the key messages effectively and efficiently.

This is not to say that Web, search and OOH are automatic winners. One then has to reconcile this with the metrics for each target. At best, however, this will guide media selection and help guide the creative. At worst, this might cause the agency to reconsider creative factors and conclude differently.





The Key

There are several tools that will help us in channel mix selection to determine the best strategy. The key is to remember that communication, creative and media strategies should be part of a unified persuasion strategy, not treated independently.

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