So What Is Happening In 2017 to Head Off Tax Refund Fraud?




Even us tax preparers have come under attack by cyber-crooks.

They are attempting to gain remote control of our computer systems where they plan to complete and file client tax returns and direct the refunds to their own accounts.

The IRS has issued Publication 4557, Safeguarding Taxpayer Data, A Guide for Your Business to assist us in safeguarding our client information and enhance office security.

Be sure that your tax preparer is familiar with this publication!

Though there have only been a few cases of this type of intrusion so far, the IRS is assisting us in preparing as many safeguards as possible. The Security Summit’s tax preparer awareness campaign is called “Taxes. Security. Together”.

I am in practice over 30 years and I always felt that keeping up-to-date with the tax laws was the most challenging part of my chosen profession. I suspect that cyber-security will become the more difficult challenge.

There are plenty of creeps out there that want nothing more than to get rich quick.

I have to applaud the efforts of the IRS, the states and tax software designers and providers to seriously go on the offensive in combatting identity theft and tax fraud. But we are all responsible for being vigilant in protecting our identity and tax information.

Password- protect any important documents.

Let’s hope that the bad actors get caught, get prosecuted and get jail time!

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