Why Small Businesses Owners Should Consider Electric Cars




Save Money and Win Customers With A Bolt

There are two business bottom lines for the Bolt.

The first is that it costs less to operate. On a gasoline gallon equivalent, electricity costs about 75 cents per gallon. Maintenance costs are close to zero.

No oil changes. No tune ups. With fewer moving parts, there is less repair.

The Bolt’s purchase price is not cheap, but it is a good value. A very nicely equipped Bolt has a $37,500 sticker prices.

The Federal government’s $7,500 tax rebate brings the price to $30,000. Many states offer additional tax credits that can drop the price even further.

Building brand equity with your urban millennial customers is the second reason to buy a Bolt.

Urban millennials demand authenticity in what they buy and who they buy from. They expect the companies they work for and buy from to be aligned with their values, most especially in using technology to create sustainable solutions.

I typically recommend installing a roof top solar system to businesses seeking to grow authenticity with this generation. Now I will begin suggesting using Bolts in their business fleet.

For these reasons, it is time for your business to investigate the Bolt. It will provide competitive advantage by reducing operating costs, promoting safer driving and it will grow brand alignment with millennials.

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