14 Productivity Pieces for 2014

Productivity for business 2014
Some call it self improvement, some call it productivity, it’s about happiness, your business and getting on track for 2014



1. Productivity: 3 Tools to Manage Tasks

There are a wealth of productivity tools available to help you manage both day-to-day and team-related activities.

Any- Do offers a simple interface, auto-fill on common tasks and voice recognition for task input. Trello is a clean task-management app conveniently available across mobile devices and the web. Asana supports your personal task management as well as small-team use in a shared-task list format.


2. Go Further Today- Challenge Yourself

Creating your own challenges can benefit both yourself and your business

Taking on and sharing personal challenges can offer free marketing opportunities for businesses and services. Using blogs and other social-media outlets, businesses can be in total control of driving their marketing campaigns from beginning to end. For entrepreneurs, the challenge is to create, maintain and eventually grow successful businesses without allowing external resistance to deter or discourage them.


3. Is Entrepreneurship For You?

Entrepreneurship- review these two steps for insights on what it takes to be an entrepreneur

Ultimately, entrepreneurship doesn’t sprout for everyone, nor do those seed always take root. In just two simple steps, you’ll know if you have the coveted green thumb. You’ll see your seeds flourish with financial growth in optimal conditions or suffer economic drought under harsh conditions. Regardless of the season, remember your seeds still need water to keep them alive and ready to thrive again in due time.


4. Finding Entrepreneurial Seeds With Reflection

Ask the right questions and take the steps to entrepreneurial success

productivity small business 2014

5. Creating Space to Re-energize the Self and Business

Learn to deal with burnout as a form of change

• Burnout uncovered a hidden gift: the opportunity to acknowledge my limits, pause, reflect and gain motivation to start again, refreshed.
• Pushing the reboot button is a much better option than allowing burnout to take over and continue to undermine us.


6. Fake It Until You Become It

Finding business confidence means pushing forward and conquering doubt

To empower yourself and believe in your own ability to succeed, understand that sometimes you need to create the experience that tells your own brain that you are ready, willing and able to succeed.


7. Small Business Is Risk and Change

Starting a new small business venture can be daunting and a risk but it also comes with life-long rewards, whether the business is successful or not

People who have lived life with risk, for better or worse, success or failure, seem happier than those who haven’t. Small-business owners are the pioneers of new and accepting the fact that the only constant is change. Small business is all about “new” and seeing life through new eyes.




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