3 Former Latino IBM Execs on Small Business Transition to the Cloud- Part 2 [Video]

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Ever worked on a project, just to have it crash at the last second? Forgot to save?

A panel of three Latino IT leaders and an IT analyst share insights  on how the Cloud can help your business

Editor’s note: This is part two of a three part series. Part 1: What is the Cloud today and how can it benefit small business?  Part 1: 3 Former Latino IBM Execs on Small Business & Cloud Benefits- Part 1 [Video]

Part 2: Transitioning to the Cloud, How the Cloud can save you time and money

Ever worked on a project, just to have it crash at the last second? Forgot to save? These are problems everyone has dealt with at some point – but they’re quickly becoming things of the past. Cloud security allows users to continually save their data, and do it in a way that prevents breaches. As services like Google Docs and iCloud become more common, users are becoming more comfortable with online platforms hosting their businesses. But how does it work? And is there a right way to use these exciting new systems?

Part 2 of our LBT Cloud Roundtable is here, and this time the team tackles what the Cloud can do for your business. From the bonuses of backing up your data to cross-platform integration, the Cloud has a host of ways to streamline your teamwork. They’ll also explain why Cloud services are so cost-effective, and where these applications will go next.

This panel features three Latino IT leaders Maria Villar, Irving Wladawsky-Berger and host Brenda Bazan with analyst Jean Bozman as they come together to discuss the benefits of the Cloud for small businesses specifically. This panel features some of the brightest minds in tech and business, bringing their decades of experience to help you make the next big leap. Whether you’re just getting started or already nurturing your own thriving business, there’s something in here for you.

Please view Part 2 here:

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