7 Qualities of Great Latina Entrepreneurs
Latina entrepreneur

It’s Women’s History Month, a perfect time to recognize successful matriarchy cultures

Often, it’s all a matter of seeing a different perspective and growing the traits we already love in ourselves.

Successful matriarchy cultures run as: Nurturing, organized, and skilled at multitasking are just a few of the qualities that women are known for when it comes to connections with people and in life.  These qualities are well known, but perhaps what you didn’t know is that women are absolutely amazing when it comes to leadership. In fact, there are cultures that are run as matriarchies and have amazing success.

Latina entrepreneurs should note of three matriarchy cultures that still exist:

It’s not unheard of for women to have high roles in society, and it’s due to certain traits that they ought to be in leadership roles more often. There are so many traits that can help women be very effective if used wisely in business.

Here are the top 7 amazing qualities which can make good Latinas entrepreneurs great entrepreneurs:

  1. Empathetic
    Their ability to empathize with others is a great quality that allows them to relate and ultimately connect with other women and people as a whole. It allows them to develop great resourcefulness in relationships, whether personal or business, and to maintain rapport with others. 
  2. Nurturing
    It’s an innate quality to nurture and mother and hold and love. It’s a beautiful trait that allows them to care for their families and friends, and especially when they have children. But it also feeds their relationships long-term, so they tend to have friendships for years. That also includes partnership in business, as they nurture those to last longer.
  3. Intuitive
    Using this skill allows them to be more self-aware and see the often-unseen subtle details. It helps understand what’s happening around them and how to move forward. Ultimately, it’s that gut feeling that often shows them the right path. In business it allows women to use this instinct to make decisions and effectively act. 
  4. Multi-tasker
    This is probably an obvious one, as so many people say women can multi-task and men tend to have tunnel vision and handle one task at a time. This means that not only can they handle multiple tasks but also handle multiple roles at home, in an organization or company, making them very versatile. As with anything that truly matters, they make sure to handle the true priority items with the attention it needs.
  5. Visionary
    Being detail-oriented, women can understand the whole picture by integrating many pieces and seeing things long-term. This allows them to envision and plan for the future –whether in a relationship or a company – because they can imagine scenarios and see potentialities before they happen. They’re also able to integrate key relationships that support that vision.
  6. Patient
    They tend to take their time with things and can become perfectionists through high standards of excellence. This helps with business connections, personal relationships, and family too.
  7. Leader
    Ultimately these characteristics all help women to become great leaders, by applying themselves to excel not only in their personal lives, but at work and as entrepreneurs.

Want to improve these?

You can learn to grow in all of these areas and become exceptional with the support of a coach. A coach’s job is to help you see these traits in yourself in your daily life right now. Chances are these skills already exist innately, and it’s then easy to you foster and grow thems in different areas of your life. Often, it’s all a matter of seeing a different perspective and growing the traits we already love in ourselves. Need a coach to support your journey? Connect here: teanyhidalgo.com

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