9 Tips to Freshen Your Social Media Profiles


6. Add Media.

Media and rich content are always well received on social-media sites. Channels such as LinkedIn have rolled out new features that help you highlight rich content on your profile, such as a presentation you recently gave or sample work products.

7. Update Your Groups.

Groups on LinkedIn and even Facebook can be great avenues to enhance your network and demonstrate your expertise. Did you join some groups when you first signed up but haven’t been back since? If so, now’s a good time to unsubscribe/leave those that aren’t bringing a lot of value and search for one or two that are more relevant to you and your business.

8. Ask for Recommendations.

Recommendations are a great feature offered by LinkedIn that can help your profile stand out in the crowd. If you haven’t received any recommendations to date, now may be a good time to think of two to three people in your network—whether current or former colleagues, managers or direct reports—from whom you could request recommendations.

9. Claim Your User Names.

If you haven’t jumped into the social-media space yet, or plan to do so in 2014, a great first step is claiming your user name on respective channels. As potential employers turn to social media to screen candidates, you want to be sure they find you. It’s quite possible your user name may have already been taken, but sites such as Namechk can help you check availability.

While these may seem like small steps, they can go along way to enhancing your social media efforts in 2014. And remember, while the New Year presents a great opportunity to spruce things up, these items can be done more frequently to keep your social-media presence fresh throughout the year. This is especially true with the ever-increasing noise found in social media. You don’t want to shout to be heard, but it never hurts to add your voice in subtle yet important ways.

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