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Boost your business’s online presence with effective content curation

In this social and digital age, there is certainly no shortage of information being created. But while this sea of information can be overwhelming at times, it also presents an opportunity to master a new skill: content curation. Simply put, this is the process of sorting through information to gather and share high-quality content on a specific topic. To many, this is both an art and a science. And in today’s age, honing this skill and becoming known as a skilled “curator” can position you as a go-to resource among your followers and customers.

Whether it is to help you keep a finger on the pulse of your industry or to share interesting content with your customers, it’s time to jump on the curation bandwagon.
Here is a look at five tools to help you build your content curation skills and help your business.

1. Storify

Storify enables you to create “stories” by collecting and organizing content from a variety of social and online channels into an interactive, visual format. You can pull in content from sources such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Google, as well as include your own text anywhere in the story.

Storify can be a great tool to recap highlights from events that you are hosting or attending (e.g., conferences, Twitter chats, etc.) and a great way to reconnect with participants following the event. Stories can be easily shared via Twitter as well as be embedded into your site or blog via an embed code. Here is a recent example The Baltimore Sun shared recapping the Baltimore Ravens’ trip to the White House to visit President Obama.

tcdaily allows you to quickly create “newspapers” on specific topics. You can pull from sources such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. You can also tailor elements of the paper’s design (colors, fonts, background image, etc.).

Papers can easily be shared via Twitter. There is also an option for users to subscribe to papers, in which case they can receive a daily email digest when a new paper comes out. Similar to Storify, offers the option to embed your paper into a site or blog. Here is an example highlighting content from The Wall Street Journal.

scoopit enables you to create curated magazines, pulling content from across the Web based on your specific topic of choice. Once you select a topic—perhaps your industry—you can enter a variety of keywords that will use to find and surface relevant content. This can include everything from articles to blog posts to videos.

You can also search and find other existing magazines—a great way to quickly find content you could share with your followers and customers. will also allow you to embed your magazine into your blog via a widget. Here is an example focused on mobile tech in the classroom.



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