9 Ways to Show Up as Your Most Authentic Self on Social Media

A portrait of a real person with unique imperfections, celebrating their natural beauty and individuality without the use of Photoshop.

It’s about being real, relatable, and building genuine connections.

Social media. It’s the highlight reel of our lives, a curated world of travel pics, perfectly styled outfits, and mouthwatering food snaps. And for small businesses and personal brands, it’s a crucial platform to connect with audiences and build a following. But here’s the thing: in this world of perfection, how do you stand out and show up authentically?

We’ve all heard the advice: “Just be yourself!” But let’s be honest, that can feel a little vague.

What does “just be yourself” on social media even mean?

Building a Genuine Audience Through Authenticity

Showing up authentically is about creating real connections with your audience. Here’s what I’ve learned in my journey as a content creator (and yes, I’ve gained the absolute best community of over 17K incredible humans through my own content creation).

Here are the 9 Ways to Show Up as Your Most Authentic Self on Social Media:

1. Don’t Force Yourself into a Box:

You’re more than just your job title. Are you a yoga instructor who loves baking? A lawyer with a passion for rescue dogs? Or a writer who finds inspiration on solo travels? (Me!) Let your audience see these different sides!

2. Let Yourself Evolve:

Life changes, and your passions can too. Don’t be afraid to pivot – your audience will appreciate the journey!

3. Speak Your Truth:

Imagine you’re chatting with a friend via text or FaceTime. That’s the vibe you want to capture. Ditch the overly scripted captions and let your personality shine.

4. Set Boundaries:

Being vulnerable is great, but you deserve privacy. Just like IRL friendships, set boundaries and share what you’re comfortable with.

5. Share Your Learnings:

Sure, you’re an expert in your field, but show people you’re still growing and learning. Share new discoveries, even if they’re outside your core expertise. People love this!

6. Interact with Your Audience:

Engagement isn’t just about likes, comments or responding to DMs. It’s also about following your audience back, commenting on their content, and supporting their journey. It’s about genuinely caring about your audience.

7. Don’t Constantly Sell:

Focus on building trust and connection, not constant sales pitches. You can still promote your services or products but find that sweet balance.

8. Share Your Wins AND Failures:

Social media doesn’t have to be a highlight reel. Share your wins, but also be open about challenges and failures. We all learn from them!

9. Remember, You Are Enough:

This one’s a biggie. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. But if you’re feeling lost, be honest! Say, “Hey, I’m still figuring this whole showing up authentically thing out, but I’m excited to share it with you!

Remember: Authenticity isn’t about perfection. It’s about being real, relatable, and building genuine connections. So just be you and get ready to make some incredible connections and possibly some life-long friendships!

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