A Hispanic Business Owner That’s Making A Difference – Natural Life Stores

Hispanic Business owner Gabriel Suarez provides natural alternative and wellness products.


LBT: Gabriel please tell us us about your business.

We strive to improve the quality of life within our communities by educating and providing access to quality natural alternative and wellness products. We have certified experts in our field to guide you and answer all of your questions. We have a large selection of products such as Hemp, CBD, Kratom, Kava, and Medicinal Mushrooms.

LBT: What year did you open?

We opened the doors to our first Natural Life store in 2017. We have been growing and opening more locations since.

LBT How long have you been in business?

We have been in the retail business for over 10 years, We have been doing some business in the natural wellness sector for about five years and we created and have been opening Natural Life stores for about three years.

LBT Key people in your business? Tell us their story.

Our management team is most crucial to the business’ success. Natural Life owes everything to these individuals. They make sure our stores are operational and successful, they continuously help us better our procedures and policies, and make sure we only hire and train team players that fall in sync with our company culture and values. Thanks to an amazing team of managers and supervisors we are able to help improve the life of more and more communities every day.

LBT Tell us why you do, what you do, for a living.

I have never experienced a more rewarding feeling than making a living by improving lives and helping communities. It’s been most rewarding when customers share their incredible stories of how Natural Life’s products have saved their lives or drastically changed them for the better. Many times, customers are thanking me for just having a Natural Life location in their area for them to visit. Our customer’s stories range from helping battle opioid addictions, severe anxiety or sleep disorders, injuries, inflammation, fatigue, immune system problems and so much more.

LBT: How do you help your community?

By providing our community with outlets for education and access to a plethora of natural wellness products from all over the globe. Many of these natural products are alternatives or substitutes for all of the synthetic products or medications being used daily. These synthetics often have horrible side effects. A great example is opioid-based medicines. Every day we help individuals relieve their stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, insomnia, and so much more, with nothing more than natural products grown by our mother earth.

LBT: Are you involved with any special community/philanthropic involvement, campaigns, contributions or events?

We always enjoy being involved with and helping our communities. Here near our headquarters in the North Florida area we are proud members of the Healing Arts Alliance Organization where we host regular seminars and educational workshops for the North Florida community. We also host many different community outreach events near and around all of our store locations. For instance, tables at local markets and fairs, educational workshops at our stores with special guests, and we love to sponsor local health and wellness related events. We also love to give everyone access to these products. We believe it is a right to have the ability to try and use natural products. Anyone reading this can enjoy $10 off our website and free shipping by using coupon code “NLFC” on all orders over $45.

LBT: Was and is there special assistance to individuals, customers or the community-at-large in connection to the COVID-19 crisis?

Lucky for us, because we are considered an essential business, we’ve been asked to remain open during the entire pandemic. We also had the ability and opportunity to add a few new items to our selection to help our communities have reliable access to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) at fair prices. All our locations immediately began offering various facemasks, hand sanitizer (even CBD infused!), 99% ISO alcohol, and disposable gloves. One thing we have enjoyed the most is giving away a FREE facemask with every order over $10 in-store and online. We have been doing that promotion since the pandemic began and continue to do so today. The abundance of happy and thankful customers has been overwhelming.

LBT What advice would you have for other Hispanic business owners trying to make it day after day?

Do not wait for this to be over and things to go back to ‘normal’. Begin your recovery plan today! Every business should have a plan, be willing to pivot as opportunities arise, and be diligently working towards a full recovery. Those that sit and wait for things to return to ‘normal’ will eventually get left behind by competition.

LBT: would you like to share anything else?

Natural Life is proud to say, that during these hard and unprecedented times, our company has been able to create new jobs in various parts of the state (and continue to do so today). We have been fortunate enough to donate thousands of masks to our customers and communities to help slow down any spread of  COVID-19; and without interruption we have been able to provide daily access and education to essential wellness products as well as PPE for our communities. We put our customers health, immune systems, and personal protection at the top of our priorities here at Natural Life.

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