A Mezcal Tasting Journey from a Latina Beverage Specialist [Video]

Mezcal Madre, Dee Quiñones guides us on a mezcal tasting journey

Dee Quiñones is a certified Sommelier and Beverage Specialist with a career in the hospitality industry spanning 15 years. She has a deep love for all things mezcal and enjoys educating people about the history and process of mezcal making.  The ancestral heritage, farm processes and rituals of the palenques that are being passed down through Mexican families have given her a deep sense of pride to her Mexican roots. The recent growth in manufacturing and exporting this Mexican spirit is proving to generations, both old and new that this time honored tradition can be transformed into a successful business, bringing wealth to their families and communities.

Part 1 of our previous mezcal journey with Dee marked our introduction to the history and background of mezcal making.

We’ve now graduated to this Part 2 segment as Dee, brand ambassador for Bruxo mezcal, leads us through a mini tasting and pairing session, sharing lots of great insight about mezcal. Grab your own copita of this magical elixir and join us to learn about all things mezcal,  from  basic mezcal terms that everyone should know, to the making of this spirit and finally, the actual tasting.

As we debunk some of the myths about mezcal, Dee gives us an education about why mezcal has more in common with wine making than tequila. For example, did you know that mezcal can have such diverse flavor notes that range from minerals, to spices, vegetables, mintiness and tropical fruits.

We’ll talk about….

    • Variations of agave plants and planting/harvesting times
    • What gives mezcal its smoky flavor
    • Styles of mezcal production
    • The effect of terroir and hand of the maker
    • Tastes profiles of mezcal from mineral, to spice, vegetable, and fruits
    • Food pairings with mezcal
    • Cocktails to try with mezcal

To learn even more, plan a mezcal and a movie night and watch Dee’s recommended documentary, In the Belly of the Moon.

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