A Wake Up Call: Silicon Valley for Export!

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The discussion of education and entrepreneurship, and the significant challenges that the World still faces.


I have been fortunate to be exposed during my 30 years of  professional experience to some of the most unique experiences and some of the most transformational moments, but here comes the BIG one!

It all started when the PCs were making mainstage entrance; working for @HP in the late 80s, being exposed to the early Silicon Valley developments of the first wave of pervarsive  digital transformation.

I remember giving workshops to HP employees around the World and teaching them the meaning of a spreadsheet, a word processor, a scanner, a plotter and a mouse that took them far away from the desktop screen as they tried to gain hand-screen coordination!

Then, I was priviledged to have an active role in the creation of the interactive technology industry, the early days of the call center, databases, one to one marketing and channel integration, having worked for EDS, Sitel, Teletech, Peppers and Rogers I gained recognition as one of the pioneers of CRM globally.

The evolution of technology and communication, took me to the convergence of mobile, voice and data through networked environments at Relacom, HP Opencall etc.

Realizing that my spirit was more  apt for unstable, vulnerable, complex, ambiguous, and entrepreneurial environments, even within large corporations, has now becomed a true advantage and a valued asset as it resembles the World that we live in!

Five years ago, I selected #EDTech as my next professional challenge, being part of transforming education with technology is the most impactful space that still remains to be significantly disrupted by technology.

A new World

We are living in a Trumpy World, just this month there have been disturbing, conflicting and inspiring news that make us all reflect and realize how complex and ambigous this new globally connected World can become:

  • Tragedy in Orlando,
  • #Brexit,
  •  #GES2016,
  • Teacher conflicts in Mexico,
  • Impeachment crisis in Brazil

 Nothing in life is to be feared, it is to be understood. – Marie Curie

As President Obama said recently: “If given a choice to live in any era, you would chose right now”

President Obama entrepreneurship

He is certainly refering to the possibility of achieving better distribution of opportunities for all and finally being able to close the gaps in diversity, poverty, saving our planet, access to quality in health and education for all.

This possibility is both closer than ever and yet further than before. Only through education we will be able to successfully approach this era.

Next- A New Approach and But, can Silicon Valley be replicated or exported?


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