A Wake Up Call: Silicon Valley for Export!




A new approach

I will share my reflections from the perspective of my recent participation at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit #GES2016 in @Stanford University.

As we face the discussion of education and entrepreneurship, and the significant challenges that the World still faces, even when the existing technologies could provide for a better future. It is clear that as humans, we are still lacking competences and vision to resolve and create the right environments for peace, growth and development. Education has to recognize this and get to work.

Silicon Valey is being identified as a hopeful way to advance. Not necessarily as a place but as an idea, as a mindset that strives for a CAN DO culture.

But, can Silicon Valley be replicated or exported?

It was prevalent in these discussions that Silicon Valley and Stanford University ar one and the same, one could not have been without the other. Many transformational technologies had initially been conceived as academic projects.

Fortunately with today’s technology we are better connected and talent can be identified from anywhere, but quality education, capital, language and public policy are not that easily replicated so there could be more Silicon Valley type of developments.

In Part 2 we’ll cover The Founder Generation, The BIG Moment and A call for action

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