Accessing Capital for the Growth of your Business





The Process and the Players

The quickest process is not always the best.

Pay day lenders can provide overnight approvals, but the cost of these funds can impact the ability to obtain lower rate institutional debt in the future. Institutional lenders do not want to make loans for debt restructuring. They want to make loans that will create jobs.

The entrepreneur must plan ahead and be ready to consult with the appropriate lender to address the funding requirements.

Consider your banker as part of your team and make certain he knows all about your business and your future plans.

He should do his best to retain your business including other banking services such as merchant banking, CDs and wealth management.  Create an ongoing relationship with a banker.  If your banker is not responsive, think about changing your banking services.

Relationships matter in all aspects of business, and long term relationships are not established with on-line resources.

Must read small business capital articles:

Four Basic Principles for Raising Capital

A company’s financial and operational plans represent the way the management team plans to use capital to execute its vision. Four basic principles can mean the difference between success and failure in raising capital: 1. All of the elements of the story should hang together. 2. Begin to raise capital well before it’s needed. 3. Within reason, take capital when it’s offered. 4. Look broadly and build relationships

Pros and Cons of Capital Gains

Business owners anticipating a potential capital gains scenario are advised to work with their CPAs to understand the impacts of a capital gains sale and ensure smart investments to benefit the business.

Small Business Start Up Capital Access Primer and Key Steps

Start Up Handbook series part two addresses topline small business legal considerations and definitions for choosing a bank, accessing capital need, choosing a bank and credit.

 Smart Business Strategy to Working Capital Is Not Complicated

Follow this strategy. My advice to all entrepreneurs is, if you intend to seek a loan from a bank, show a profit. Get advice from your accountant.

Small Business Capital, Digital Lenders and Angels

It is up to the business owner to understand which options make most sense for their business.  Understanding the different forms of financing and recognizing the appropriate options are some of the most important components of proper cash flow management.

9 Steps to Access Capital for Your Growing Small Business

It’s imperative that small business owners understand their market and the various segments (generations) and new residents from other countries

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