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Hello Fashionistas!

Well today was quite a busy day for me considering I started my day headed about 40 minutes away from home to Jersey Gardens outlet mall in Elizabeth NJ (home of Ikea) to do a little comp shopping for a new project. It was a crappy day and we had flash flooding all over the area last night so it was still raining, misting, and spitting all morning. I definitely needed a supersize dose of coffee and my outfit plan was an easy dress with a summer white denim jacket and the most comfortable shoes possible to get through 2 hours of power shopping before racing into my NY office for meetings…

Coffee, I mean caffeine—Mmmmmmm…..

Glamour….Ummm…Not So Much

I know this shopping thing sounds glamourous, but when you are in a mall trying to power shop in 2 hours and you have so much stuff at the register that you have to ask the employee “any idea how I can get this all stuff out to my car cause I think it weighs about 2 tons???” and they tell you to go down to customer service/concierge to get a $6.00 rental shopping cart–it’s gonna be a problem. Who gets a shopping cart at a mall????

A problem starting to arise–but as a side note, that is my cute little burlap summer bag accessorized with a tie dye scarf taking a beating

And now I have to figure out the logistics of how to get 2 tons of clothing into my office by this afternoon. Hmmm….I hadn’t really planned on my day happening quite like this. But just then, I vaguely remembered that I had somehow managed to keep this annoying empty suitcase in the back of my car from a June Europe shopping trip. It was always getting in the way of when I was loading my car with groceries, summer plants for the garden, etc. I was too lazy to ever take it out of my car. I would just put my grocery bags inside of it–but oh lucky day for me!! Call it karma, call it luck, call it whatever you want! I was just a happy girl!! And this photo of me stuffing the suitcase is the one I forgot to take!! Darn!! And you know why I forgot–because it was raining, I was running like a madwoman with a supersize 3 ft. tall roller suitcase trying to catch that damn NY Waterways Ferry with not a second to spare. I could see it approaching the dock and I couldn’t possibly spare a minute for a selfie!! Sorry–but you can imagine my frizzy, sweaty bedraggled self right about now!

But I will say that as I was at the mall making my way to find that $6.00 shopping cart, I got so sidetracked with all the beautiful stores that I passed…..

Michael Kors handbags….
You are all so pretty!! Maybe I’ll come back soon for one of you!


But…look at the deal I found! Puma store–3 pairs of AWESOME commuter shoes on sale–$100 for the lot!
I think I scored a deal! All to be starring in a blockbuster blog entry coming soon to a digital device near you soon!

Promises, Promises….

But, but, but—all of this is just a precursor to my promise to you all yesterday of sharing my funny experience with


Get it in your cart!!

The Question–

I know how wonderful Amazon is for me personally as a consumer, but my work experience with them began about 2 springs ago when their men’s buyer came to us with an opportunity. They had apparently been getting many hits for “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” for men and had nothing to fill that need. They wanted to immediately be able to fill that demand. As a company, we have always produced Christmas sweaters and t-shirts for our ladies business. And–I guess–yes, you could call them ugly (I am particularly attached to them and think they are quite cute), but this particular request was for something a little bit different…..

The Answer–

We have an amazingly talented designer who we put on the case to come up with this particular type of…ummm…ahem…. tasteless and vulgar (but unbelievably hilarious) product they were looking for and what you see below are the first “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” that were designed for men under our Alex Stevens label for Amazon for this past holiday season. They were received so well that they had already started to sell incredibly well as early as August!

During our Monday company meetings where we discuss our best seller items, our men’s salesperson would show us exactly which of the styles were performing the best and as a fun follow-up read us some of the product reviews from the website. They varied from the typical reviews of product fit/quality all the way to how great their sweater went over at Ugly Christmas Parties, to the fact that they “got lucky”, etc…just ridiculously funny reviews.


Humping Polar Bears


Ralfing Reindeer
(yes, that is a Solo cup on his antler)
Gangsta’ Santa


Gotta Take a Wiz!


Chugging Santa


Drunk Again in the North Pole
(yes, again–you know those are red Solo cups)
Camo’ Santa Bags a Reindeer


New Opportunities for Apparel at Amazon–
So obviously, as soon as we saw the ability to grow this type of specialty theme business, we started to develop additional categories of product for men. The opportunities are endless…
Patriotic Americana
Red White & Bacon






Majestic Eagle 
Patriotic Pitbull


Gay Pride
Rainbow Wolf Moon
Rainbow Chest Stripe

Don’t Wait, Shop Soon!

There are a LOT more that are currently up on the website, and this year, we will be putting up all new Christmas styles for men along with some matching corny scarves. We will also have women’s “Ugly Christmas Sweaters”.

If I were you and you were looking for something a “little special” for a party or celebratory holiday, I highly suggest you go onto and do a little search for “Alex Stevens” sweaters and see what you can find. Get there early though or you will have a limited selection of what styles will be available if you wait too long.

And if you are looking for something in particular that you just can’t find there, keep doing a search on Amazon because they log and monitor this info and then decide what categories need to be filled! Or you could just drop me a line too!

Don’t say I didn’t give you a heads up on where to get some fun holiday clothes! And any of you who come to my annual “Hot Toddy” party in December, I would LOVE to see some of you sporting these beauties!!! Happy Shopping!


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