An Afternoon with World Class Latin Percussionist Chembo Corniel [Video]

Grammy nominee, world class percussionist, conga drummer, Chembo Corniel gets intimate with us.

Wilson “Chembo” Corniel also known as the Nuyorican Master of the Tumbadoras shares an afternoon with me, Latin Biz Today VP & Partner, Tina Trevino. His newest release of music with his Chembo Corniel Quintet, titled “Artistas, Musicos, & Poetas” has just been announced to be a contender for a Latin Jazz Grammy and I’m excited to hear all about the making of it. Joined by long time musician, composer, and arranger, Anne Phillips, we have a great afternoon together of story telling.

Chembo Corniel Shares His Background and Career Journey with us.

Born in Manhattan on November 22, 1953 as the child of Puerto Rican parents, Corniel grew up on the streets of Red Hook, Brooklyn. His album pays homage to his Puerto Rican roots and hometown.

In our interview we talk about the concept behind his album, incorporating poetry, spoken word, visual art – casting a wide net to blend brilliant music and visuals together into a beautiful journey. Chembo tells us that he always wants his next work to be better and different than his last. Chembo shares how he got started, his younger years playing music and the importance of understanding how to read music to be a highly sought after musician.

Chembo shows us how he’s incorporated beautiful art into his CD cover to showcase some of his favorite artists.

Enjoy an afternoon with Latin Biz Today and Chembo Corniel as we talk about his background, growing up, learning music, and some life lessons on becoming a better musician.

After our interview, I had a a chance to listen to this album of new music and I can understand why it’s up for a Grammy! Go check it out.

You can also see Chembo and Anne Phillips together on Earth Day, Sat. April 22 @ 8PM in their newest project together, inspired by poetry and percussive sound, What Are We Doing to Our World an event that is a celebration of creation and a statement of concern for the planet which will be performed at St. Paul and St. Andrew UMC, 86th and West End Ave. NYC. You can get tickets here.

*Interview arranged courtesy of Betsie Batista

*Photography courtesy of Ivy Dash Photography

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