Are You Ready? How To Attract Women


2.  Celebrate women publically and go where they are and if you are looking for Latinas, specifically where Latina go-getters are celebrated and gathered. I know of a great place to start! Every year in August, 13 Latinas who are shaping the South Florida area in the fields of religion, education, business and entrepreneurship are honored for what they are doing in a luncheon that draws 800-1000 people on a Friday afternoon. I was honored to be one of them last year! The awards called Hispanic Women of Distinction (HWOD).

3.  Create a female friendly benefits program. I know as a small business you can’t offer much but you can do something. What is your company’s maternity leave policy? Do your benefits cover family planning and prenatal care? Do you have flexible start and finish times? Is there an option to work from home? Do you offer onsite childcare facilities? Can you offer a voucher to pay something towards their child care choice?

When a company offers benefits packages that more fully support women, it’s easier to find qualified applicants during the recruiting process

4.  Promote the women you do have to positions of power. Nothing excites women more than to see women like themselves in positions that matter. In addition, nothing proves you say what you mean and do what you say then to value a women in positions that more often than not are held by men.

Knowing the facts on what women bring to your company and knowing how to attract them will make your company one that women will be clamoring to work for. Imagine what that would mean to your organizational credibility not to mention your bottom line! If your company is there or gets there, invite me so I can celebrate with you!  After all, you are attracting women!

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