Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson is the Executive Director, Americans for Fossil Fuels, LLC. America’s First and Only For-Profit Fossil Fuels Think Tank and Advocacy Firm. He most recently served as the Marketing and Communications Director for the Global Energy & Resources practice at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited. During his years at Deloitte, Mark led many successful and high-profile global marketing campaigns using social media, conference sponsorships and executive-level appearances, which not only increased revenue but increased brand awareness. Prior to working at Deloitte, Mark served in an executive level position within Public Relations at Exxon Mobil Corporation. Mark received his PhD in International Business Management , with a focus in International Marketing, from the International School of Management. Mark provides Latin Business Today insights on energy and its impact on business.
Marketing Sustainability- How ‘Green’ Is Your Marketing Plan?

Marketing Sustainability- How ‘Green’ Is Your Marketing Plan?

The main challenge facing today’s marketers –and owners as well – is to think creatively about how marketing can fulfill the needs of the most of the worlds’ population for a better standard of living in the midst of sustainable development. This is where ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ marketing’ come into play.

Fill ‘er Up!

Fill ‘er Up!

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