Aye Car-Ummba!

Last fall, something new opened at the Century City Mall on Santa Monica Blvd. in Century City, Calif. The Ummba Grill made its debut, not only as a new purveyor of Brazilian churrascaria fare, but as an innovator in menu pricing and portion control – you select your meal and pay by the ounce or the pound.

Two years before opening the Ummba Grill, CEO and creator Sia Amiri, traveled to Brazil where he first experienced the currascaria, or steakhouse, concept. He loved the idea of ordering his meat selections the Brazilian way – by the kilo.

“I immediately realized that this would be great for America,” says Amiri, and he took the concept to the Los Angeles area feeling that it was perfect for Southern California’s health-conscious lifestyle.

“By ordering by the ounce or pound, you can control the waste and your waistline. You pay for what you want to eat,” says Amiri.

Churrascarias are, by tradition, steakhouses known for their beef dishes, but Amiri’s goal was to reinvent this concept for L.A. by adding poultry, fish, and even kosher meats to the menu. You can choose from a variety of gourment salads and hot and cold side dishes with selected organic items throughout the menu, and add a signature cocktail or pick a wine from their extensive list.

Ummba Grill is an ideal alternative to the fast-food lifestyle, as well. “I want to appeal to people who know and love food … couples, singles, and parents with kids,” says Amiri.

The lofty, ultramodern space inside the Ummba Grill gives the ambience of a fine restaurant, as does its luxe outdoor patio area. You can choose to belly up to the food bar to select your fare and portion sizes, or you can opt for tableside service where you can place a customized order with your server.


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