Be Bold…Learning Courage At Any Age

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We are called to be bold, courageous, and knowing our worth…it’s never too late to start.

As we move into different phases of life I have come to learn, once again, that for as much knowledge we think we possess, there is still an abundance more out there to learn.

As an AARP recipient and through a series of life events, like divorce, children going to college, moving into a new home after 11 years, and returning to work after being a homemaker, I have been learning lessons daily.nWhile learning can be positive and mind-expanding, it can also be very painful. I clearly have a new appreciation for the term, “growing pains”. It’s not just for kids and it doesn’t just involve the physical body!

I have learned many new things about what’s important, prioritizing what matters, and the ability to look past the current situation while still being present in the now. Some of my “aha” moments while small, have been the hardest to swallow. Since there are too many to list, I have outlined just a three of my most memorable.

1. Be Bold – Be courageous

Learning to be bold comes to mind first.

Just like the Cowardly Lion in the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz, it is about taking chances even when the odds are against you.  In particular, learning to ask for what you want regardless of what others may think is part of being bold.

The skill of predicting what others will think or say and playing out the scenario in advance can often times be a double-edged sword.  While it’s good to think ahead and have a backup plan, it can also be equally hindering to do so.  You see, I believe that when we plan too far ahead with too many scenarios, we, in essence, give room for failure or disappointment even before it happens.

If you are anything like me and find it difficult to be assertive about things you want, start small. Something as simple as addressing a mistaken food order at a restaurant can be a heart-racing experience.  If you catch yourself justifying the error or talking yourself into changing what you really wanted to eat just to avoid the issue, this should tell you something…it’s time to work on your courage and boldness.

Ask yourself what you really want, with no excuses or explanations. No justification is necessary just because you have a preference, desire, or opinion. Some times it takes others to help, just like Tin Man had his friends, be open to others willing to help…you see, willingness to accept from others is equally courageous and bold.

2.  H-E-L-P…my new four-letter word

The freedom to ask for help with confidence is one of those things we tend to lose with age and experience.  As children, we are fearless when it comes to asking questions or asking for help.  I recall when my kids were little and the mind-spinning series of questions I would filter.

They had no preconceived ideas of what others would think of them, and so, they would ask away!  Today, I find myself once again, like that child with curious thoughts, ideas, and wonder. Not only will you find yourself learning more but also much faster.

Asking for help speeds things up, it gets to the point quickly, which in turn lends itself to moving ahead to where you truly want to be.  So whether its asking about the program Excel at work or learning a new filing system, don’t be shy and ask, ask ask!

3. Know your worth

Life is beautiful with all of its ups and downs! The ebb and flow of our experience is just that: our experience, and it should never be discounted.

In those moments you find yourself asking questions and feeling a bit dated, stop and remind yourself how long your journey has actually been.  Travel has value, even when it is stationary.  So if you find yourself being the oldest in the bunch with a daughter frustrated in teaching you about TikTok, remind yourself that there was a time you had to teach them how to use a spoon!

Life itself is about learning, and the sooner you realize this, the quicker the fun begins!

We are called to be bold, courageous, and knowing our worth.  It’s never too late to start and you are never too old to begin again.

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