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When it Comes to Digital Marketing: Focus First On Your Number One Asset


With all the talk and writings about Social Media, I think many Hispanic small businesses and entrepreneurs may have forgotten or taken for granted a key digital marketing and communications tool that should be your primary hub to anything else you do in the digital world. I consider myself one of the culprits as in my 40+ blogs and articles over the past year I have failed to write about this tool. I am sure by now you are dying to know what I am talking about.

Your Company Website

While I have not written about it publicly, it is the first thing that I tackle with my clients after designing the business and marketing strategy. Why should it be first than a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or whatever else strategy you ask? Your company website represents your one digital access you have full control of and represents the hub where you want to make sure that any current or potential customer “pass by” on her way to read about your product category, your product or better yet give you feedback and commentary about it which may turn into new product ideas and permission for direct engagement. As you may know this type of engagement can easily turn into the best asset your company can have, a loyal customer that will not only buy your product but also recommend you in their social networks.

With this in mind – here are my top 4 recommendations in redesigning and managing your website:

Be Purposeful

  • Have an objective and strategy: Do you want to use your website to inform, sell, foster relationships or all of the above? Break out your objectives into different website sections. One of the worst mistakes I see is companies trying to achieve everything in one landing page (or Home page)

Be Clear

  • Have a simple/relevant message and a logical navigation. This point goes hand in hand with the first one. Have your friends and or family members test the navigation for you. Is it second nature?

Be Social – Make it easy to share


  • Entice your customers to follow you and share your content with their networks – definitely include the follow me buttons and RSS

Be Found

  • Blog/Thought Leadership – will not only help with organic SEO but will also build trust from your customers
  • Make sure you select the key words relevant to your product/category/location

These points are high level but it should provide a good starting point for you. A good source to learn about websites and how they are key to an Inbound Marketing Strategy is While I have no financial remuneration from recommending them, I have used their extensive library multiple times in those rare instances when I have doubted myself.

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