Small Business Spotlight on Alorè Event Firm

Small Business Spotlight on Alorè Event Firm

Anna Noriega, Creative Director at Alorè Event Firm

Featured Company: Alorè Event Firm

Business Address: 16581 SW 117th Ave, Miami FL 33177

Executive: Anna Noriega, Creative Director


Instagram: @aloreeventfirm

Facebook: @aloreventfirm 

Tell us about your business.

Years ago when I was still working in the corporate world, my mother told me that one day I would end up running my own company. I laughed at her words and told her I would never give up a weekly paycheck and stability for a hustle. I am a true believer that you create your own luck and whatever hard work and desires you put out into the universe you will pull out. I moved through the ranks very quickly and had the opportunity to work at hotels such as Fisher Island and be the mastermind behind the opening of what was sure to be the first luxury hotel on Ocean Drive. Delays in construction and poor ownership had other plans for me and I quickly realized that what I wanted to offer to my clients, and the event industry didn’t exist. I simply couldn’t be contained in an office job working 9 am to 5 pm. I decided to take a chance and risk going on my own to represent my clients and everything I knew I had to offer. Brilliantly, Alorè was born.

What year did you open?


How long have you been in business?

8 years

Key people in your business? Tell us their story.

You are only as strong as your team and I have had the pleasure to be surrounded by some amazing individuals. Esther Gonzalez is my Assistant Creative Director and is, by far, my biggest superstar! She started as an intern with us years ago and has blossomed into an incredible leader. Part of getting to bring our clients’ visions to life has come with the ability to also provide jobs and opportunities for people who want to be a part of this industry.

Tell us why you do, what you do, for a living.

In today’s event world, you are only as great as your last production. Trends change every day and my goal has always been to set them. So, for me, the hardest challenge comes in crafting what the next big thing will be. Designing a unique way to display ordinary objects and transcend styles from one event to the next, without being repetitive, is key. I don’t have time to have a “designer’s block” so my mind is always brewing. Today, I can wholeheartedly say that while no job has constant highs, I love what I do. I love my staff and I love being able to use everything I learned on a daily basis to make our clients’ visions and dreams come true.

How do you help your community?

Our company is very involved with many nonprofits and we contribute our services to events like the Joe Di Maggio Children’s Gala, The American Cancer Society Gala, The Boys & Girls Gala, the Broward Literary Fest, and Baptist Health. Giving back is a big part of who we are and we adore each and everyone one of our partners.

Special community/philanthropic involvement, campaigns, contributions or events?

Aside from producing many of the largest nonprofits events in town we also nurture a multitude of interns from FIU and Dade County Public Schools. We help gear them for success in the hospitality and event field.

Special assistance to individuals, customers or the community-at-large in connection to the COVID-19 crisis?

Unfortunately, unable to do physical events due to the COVID-19 crisis, our business has had to focus on support services such as flowers, arrangements, balloons, and other event-oriented services. We have been offering free delivery on all orders and have introduced arrangements as low at $15 to try and bring a smile to someone’s face, no matter what they are able to spend. We have also partnered with Baptist Health on a virtual Wellness & Plant Workshop something that we think will be very beneficial in times of a quarantine.

What advice would you have for others in the business sector trying to make it day after day?

Stay positive and cultivate a culture that is not defeated. This is the time to innovate and recreate. Thinking back to grassroots is key and truly focus on the future. This shall pass and we will rise again.

Anything else you would like to share. 

We love our clients and hope that even in these tough times they find reasons to celebrate.




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