Changing Lanes To a New Career In Life

Changing Lanes To a New Career In Life

Career changes are not easy, otherwise everyone would be an entrepreneur.


Sometimes in life we realize that we are stuck or stagnant and are not living our passion or achieving our desires.

If you have a clear sense what you love to do and what you excel at, there are ways you could combine your skills and start a new career for yourself. Change is not comfortable for humans, however if you know that there is a different aspect of life you desire to live, there are ways to plan for a successful business endeavor by building it from the ground up.

Increase your knowledge base

You may have gone to school for a specific subject, only worked in one specific position or may feel like you are not qualified or experienced enough in the industry you love; however, the internet allows us an avenue where we can learn and experience anything we want .

If you have enthusiasm and willingness to learn, you may obtain the skills and confidence to launch your new venture or begin a new position.

Have an Action Plan

To be successful in anything you attempt there must be not only a plan of action, but also measurements that help you ensure that your plan is showing success.

Your action plan should be broad and take into account all aspects that will be affected by the changes that will be happening in your life. Make sure to first include a plan for the transition from your current position to your new life.

An important part of all action plans should include the financial budgets and projections and a clear plan of establishment and growth.

Consider Asking for Help

Writing a business plan and presenting it to investors may lead to the help needed to launch a new project.

You may also use the wisdom of a career coach to help guide you the proper direction. The benefit of having a coach is getting council from someone who has been through what you’re going through and can bring to your vision scenarios you may not see otherwise see.

Business loans are also available at low interests from lenders who support new business growth.


There is power in presenting yourself and who you are to people, and that is something a resume is not able to do.

Being an introvert may make it slightly uncomfortable joining networking events, in that case meeting one-on-one or phone meetings may work best for you. However, the more you get in front people that may benefit from your experience and knowledge, the more chances you have to connect with new clients or individuals that may help you build your vision.

Meetup, Chamber of Commerce, TEAM and local business meetings are designed for people to engage others who may be looking for what you do, could collaborate with you, could mentor you, could become a client or potentially hire you.

Finding places to hang out people who are in the industries you are looking to get into will help to expose you to different opportunities, ideas and connections to move forward on your dreams.


When starting a new venture, seek out other individuals with similar passions and find ways to work on win/win situations.

It is important to understand that alone we can do so much but with others we can accomplish so much more. Often as entrepreneurs it feels more like we are solopreneurs, we do our accounting, call our customers, send out invoices, place orders and run around doing the job of 5 different people at the same time.

As our business grows it is important to hire out specialized positions in order to remain more productive and be able to focus on the growth of the business.

Find the Joy in the Change

When creating big changes in our lives we must think of it as a journey and not a day trip.

Vast changes may take time as you smartly transition careers or clarify your business ideas and start to build a team. As all journeys, there will be ups and downs. It is key to regard the downs as lessons and not failures to make the endeavor more enjoyable every step of the way.

Move With Faith vs Fear

Individuals that are driven by the fear of what may go wrong could become paralyzed so that no progress is made at all. When operating from fear, we look at the problems and fear the problems instead of looking at situations attempting to find the answers.

The most important thing once you are prepared is to take action and course correct as actions may require through time and experience.

Career changes are not easy; otherwise everyone would be an entrepreneur. However, if you have clarity on your ultimate goal, plan a smooth and SMART transition and are flexible as needed you can make the life of your dreams come true.

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