Day 3 in the Life of a Blogger….It’s Monday and It’s Market Week

I’m starting to see how this blogging thing could get really addictive. I’m wondering if it’s just the crackling excitement of the beginnings of my relationship with my adorable little blog and eventually we may really have to work hard at this relationship—or will we just have this wonderfully steady love for each other??? Hmmm…time will tell.

Well, as I was thinking of a topic to post last night, I thought it would be fun to take you all through a day in my work-day life considering that it is officially Monday and a “Market Week” in our showroom. What does “Market Week” mean? Well technically, it’s pretty much the first full week of each month when most of our accounts schedule their appointments in NY showrooms to view new product lines, see what is trending (new silhouettes, color, fabrics, yarns, etc), and talk about what kinds of product they are specifically looking for us to design for their own private label brands. Off the record what does it mean–pretty much a week of chaos and insanity, running around from appointment to appointment from the minute you walk into the office until the very end of the day. What some people see as a difficult week, I take the opportunity to make sure I plan my “knock-em dead” wardrobe for the week. We also have buyers who have the audacity to schedule meetings at 8:00AM and at 6:00PM–again, an opportunity to say “Well, OK, but then we must go for drinks/dinner afterwards”. The words facial, massage, pedicure, and manicure can all be substituted in this sentence and achieve the same desired effect.
The week is already filled with meetings from some of our favorite buying, product development and design teams from Kohl’s, Dillard’s, Christopher & Banks, Dress Barn, Cache, Delia’s, Body Central….and I have a couple of “hush hush” meetings towards the end of the week involving some fun new celebrity brands that we are working on….I’m hoping I will be able to spill the beans SOON!!!
So here’s how today rolled out…..

I could complain about my commute, but on a beautiful summer day, there’s nothing cooler than this view from the ferry heading into the city in the morning:-)

OK–on to wardrobe choices for the day……

Morning Necessities: Grandé Bag, Grandé Sunglasses, Medium Coffee


(OK–this selfie thing is going to be a bit rough. I’m kind of shy about this, but I guess I’m going to have to get over it if I plan on keeping you all abreast of fashion–sigh)

Knock ‘Em Dead Wrap Dress: Neon/Neutral because nothing makes you look 50 shades of bronze faster than a good pop of neon especially when Mother Nature doesn’t want to hook a sister up over the weekend.


Knock “Em Dead Heels: V.S. Mixed Snakeskin/Suede in Neutral with Elastic Strap

 Meetings, Meetings, Meetings…..


First Meeting is Trending Info: They just keep evolving these lounge pants. They are actually a fun alternative to plain sweatpants. You can wear with a sweatshirt, t-shirt and some great trainers. Or you can add a bright color woven blouse and some heels–and you are off to a good evening with friends for drinks.

More Trend Info: Varsity Tipped Sweaters. Love them in traditional colors or as you all now know if you’ve been thoroughly following along is VERY important–fun pops of neons!!


Coming Soon To A Store Near You: Cute Fun Icons–hearts, bows, puppies–how sweet!

Second Meeting is Best Sellers for the Company–big on the list is the Nicki Minaj baseball zip jacket & pants with STUDS GALORE!

Check Out Those Studs!


Adam Levine Women’s Mixed Media Top is Off to a Great Start in stores!!!


Development Meetings: This is just one of today’s meetings of this kind where I get to work closely with my design team and my sales team leaders to get the ball rolling on designing new product for individual customers and new developing brands that we are looking to launch. We research trends, fabrics, silhouettes, etc. and get our designs in gear to start to make up samples and put together clothing lines.

Ahhh…..The End of The Day


The Ferry Ride Home: A girl has to have a matching set of flats to go with her outfit. I’m  carrying on the Nicki Minaj “stud” tradition for the day with my champagne flats courtesy of Primark in London (all for the low price of 8£–translation: about $14.00). You must go if you’re in London. You can get a whole new wardrobe for less than $300!!


Sunset Over NJ–Not a bad way to end the day…

Stay tuned as there is definitely more to come as the week gets CRAZY…


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