Day 5 in the Life of a Blogger: A Little Mid-Week Pick Me Up


My goal today is to give you all a little fashion buzz (just like a nice little jolt of caffeine) to get us all through the rest of the week! You’re almost there…Thursday is the new Friday!

Late Night Thought Provoking Questions

Last night as I was decadently enjoying my amazing thin mintini dessert cocktail at Il Frescoe–and deciding what I was going to wear today, I decided to check my little Weather Channel app.  I remembered that at some point there had been a forecast for some rain in the week. And that can totally derail a good outfit plan! Weather Channel was advising a 50% chance of rain for the day–bummer! Then I woke up and the sky was clear and sunny! And then as I was driving down to the ferry, the clouds were rolling in!

I don’t know why I’m still surprised by the inability of specialized teams of weather people to provide an accurate forecast for just 12 hours in advance? They are worse at calling out what the weather will be the next day than trying to forecast a good trend a year in advance! All I could hope for was that I could get to the office dry and un-frizzed before rain potentially started pouring down because I think I forgot to pack an umbrella. Regardless of those annoying weather variables that even the weather app can’t give me clarity on, I plan to spread some sunny summer vibe today in my tropical print jumpsuit!!



Surplice jumpsuit–another inexpensive purchase from Primark in London on Oxford St.




Cagey Little Things!!
I am a good high/low shopper because with my inexpensive Primark jumpsuit, I love my zip back snake trim stilettos from Coach.
I can thank my good friend Robin whom I introduced you to yesterday for being integral in the decision making process during the purchase of the “high” end portion of this outfit (why do I have so many of you friends who just can’t say no?)


As always, I like to show you the fashion commuting flat that gets me from suburbia to city in style. And once again–it’s a fun red Primark flat with cute laser cut details.
The beautiful cobalt blue bag is a stunning Lauren by Ralph Lauren supersize tote.


Layered on bracelets—If you guys haven’t already noticed I really like my jewelry to have some kind of meaning. My green enamel turtle bangle is from my honeymoon trip in 2005 to Hawaii with Dave. My ceramic squares bracelet is from a trip to German Village in Columbus, OH with my brother. And the antique plate leather bracelet is a fun piece that I found while scouring through a box of vintage jewelry at an outdoor market. And that surprise sunflower just opened this morning in my backyard garden!!! 

The Jumpsuit–You CAN Do It!!

I know jumpsuits are not the easiest silhouette to wear so let’s just take a minute to talk about the jumpsuit for a moment. Let’s talk about “owning” the jumpsuit and when I say “owning”, I’m not talking about the literal transaction of purchasing the jumpsuit. I’m talking about really “owning” the jumpsuit–there are no shy girls out there for this look! To get this look pulled together so you don’t look like you are wearing pajamas (I am totally serious that this is what this looks like when you are first getting ready. It’s not pretty)–2 key things. The first is waist definition. If your jumpsuit doesn’t have a self belt or some kind of waistband detail, please go get yourself a nice wide belt. You can create a great retro hourglass shape with this. Secondly, the jumpsuit really does require some heels-they can be mile high stilettos or summer wedges but you gotta rock some height here. If the pant legs are too long and feel too voluminous, roll them up and pin them on the inside or tack them with a stitch. Mine today are a bit long and I also like them to look more like capris so I’ve rolled up my elastic cuff and of course I always go with my standard heels.

Try the jumpsuit out–it’s a fun new silhouette to add to your wardrobe and actually there is a 3rd key rule to follow when wearing the jumpsuit which probably should pop up to the top of the rules and that is if you even remotely think for an instant that you have overshot your intake on liquids, go directly to the ladies room–do not pass go, do not collect $200–run! Because there is nothing worse than feeling like Houdini attempting to get out of chains and a straight jacket in under 3 minutes!

New jumpsuit purchases lined up for transitional weather going into fall.
Left to right: Miss Selfridge navy lace with satin collar, Primark gas station attendant denim coveralls, and River Island abstract black/white print
I know you all can’t wait to see the full-on outfits that these become!
Zumba Again You Ask???
Yep…again tonight. Those of you who know me well, know that I live for Zumba. My sister introduced me to it in the fall of 2010 when I had reached an all-time high weight (175lb. to be honest). Maybe I’ll share more on that story later on in my blog. I participate in other activities as well which I enjoy including yoga, and running, but Zumba is a must twice a week. My Wednesday class is with Ben Byrd whom I have been a faithful follower of since the beginning. He teaches Wednesdays at The Ball dance studio in NYC (131 W. 35th right in the heart of the garment center).
The Ball NY: Such inspiring dancers just make you want to move!



Before Class–I look stressed/ After Class–a happy hot mess!
Well, despite my worries for the weather this morning, it actually did NOT rain so maybe we are in the clear for the rest of the week? 
I have a fun meeting tomorrow with a personality that you see in lots of the regular gossip rags so I have an amazing outfit planned for tomorrow! See you then.


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