Dr. Sánchez Talks the Hispanic American Dream & New University [Video]Part 2

Manhattanville College Latin Business Today

Part 2 Dave Torromeo continues his chat with the new president of Manhattanville College, Dr. Sánchez

Editor’s note: This is part 2 of 2. In the event you missed part 1, here’s quick link: Meet the New Latino President of Manhattanville College [Video] Part 1

As you may know, I have run the sport business management (masters degree program) for the last 17 years and our worlds combined with Dr. Sanchez in; Education, Sports, Manhattanville and Latin Business Today!

Manhattanville College Division III Women's Volleyball TeamIn part 2 we discussed how a Hispanic family of achievers through hard work and education captured the American Dream in two generations. Hispanic presidents of Colleges and Universities are rare they represent 8% of all presidents, Dr. Sánchez is one of them. We talked about the back story of how Manhattanville College will soon become a University. Dr. Sanchez and I also discussed how Division III sports has had a positive impact on student athletes. Their GPAs are better than their counterparts and they’re  more likely to graduate. They’re for the competition, the discipline and teamwork it brings and the love of sport.

Enjoy the conversation…for more on Manhattanville Collegevisit their website here.


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