Embarking On My 4 New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

2016 New Year's Resolution

My four 2016 New Years’ Resolutions


Well Fashionistas—2016 has kicked itself into high gear and since I also celebrate a January birthday, I pretty much get the double whammy effect of really looking at the new year with a sense of purpose at what I’m going to achieve!

I haven’t always had this kind of resolve about setting goals and achieving them, but somewhere in the past 5 years, my little fashionista psyche has decided to show up and make demands on what she and I are going to accomplish and how we are going to do it.

Sometimes the goals seem to be pretty obvious and clear cut and other times—my psyche and I chat over a nice glass of red wine and have a little discussion on the matter…..

In the past 4 years it’s been very obvious to me as to what I wanted to accomplish. If you’ve read some of my previous blogs, you’d remember that 6 years ago I weighed in unhealthily at 45 pounds over my current weight.

The fact that my family is pre-disposed to heart disease and diabetes made me really look at what I was doing to my body. In addition, I just did not feel good about myself. My first “hold tight” resolution was to get active so I started to log in some extra walking, my sister hooked me onto Zumba and from there I’ve layered on yoga, HIIT, and some other dance cardio classes that I find fun, exhausting, challenging and fulfilling.

This is a resolution that I’m still extremely proud of having achieved and maintained—so much so that it is just part of my everyday normal life.

The following year I decided to look more closely at the foods I was eating and monitor my calorie intake.

Once I understood the amount of calories I needed to maintain my desired weight–it was just a bit of math throughout the day until it became second nature. This was another resolution I could successfully check off for the year—and again—has just become another normal part of my better well being.

The next year, I decided to truly engage in “cleaner” eating mostly going gluten free for my own personal reasons after having read up on it. Being gluten free (and not using processed gluten substitutes) means that you are eating closer to a food’s original form as opposed to extra processing and additives.

This resolution, although not 100% in my current life–probably more like 90 to 95% I feel is also a success. I don’t deny myself a little slice of normal pizza , a few bites of pasta when I’m at an amazing Italian restaurant, or the once every 4 to 6 month half of a bagel.

So drum roll please…..we now come to 2016’s resolution and since I truly feel I’m at a great point physically and health wise, My little psyche and I hashed out a plan to make this the year that I truly empower myself and make myself mentally fit. I know—you’re saying—“that sounds ridiculous” or maybe you’re thinking “there’s no way to truly measure or quantify that goal”, but here are MY sticking points that I am going to adhere to and evaluate myself at the end of the year to see if I’ve succeeded….


         My four 2016 New Years’ Resolutions

Next-  My four 2016 New Years’ Resolutions- What they mean to me.


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