Embarking On My 4 New Year’s Resolutions for 2016



My four 2016 New Years’ Resolutions- What they mean to me:

1.  Be Fearless—

I have been through so many seemingly insurmountable tasks at work where I have wondered at the beginning how will I accomplish this?

I have learned through these experiences how to get to the other side. I may not have all the answers, but I know how to find the right people with the right knowledge, get the right team of talent in place, manage the task, work towards the deadline and get it done… No more feeling incompetent or not worthy of a task. With all the experience I have, I now have most of the building blocks to hurdle over seemingly complicated tasks.

Break projects down to their key basic elements, reflect back on similar challenges and use those experiences to solve them. Be strong! Be powerful! Be a leader!

2.  Disolve Soap Opera Drama

We all have those type of co-workers, friends, or family that seem to be the biggest time-suckers and emotional leeches to our spirit and well being.

For instance, it has been a daily occurrence in my office of people walking in first thing in the morning before I even take my coat off with a complaint or problem. I know part of my job is to help come up with strategies and solutions, but PLEASE—be pleasant, show initiative, brainstorm some of your own ideas for solutions to discuss with me.

Don’t just come to me grumbling about how bad things are. Start the day off without being a sour-puss first thing. We all have to spend a whole 9 hours together for 5 days a week! With family or friends, the best thing is to tell them in my own genuine words that they need to be more positive and look at how to get through their own challenges.

If I can set them on a path that reflects how I’ve traveled through my challenges, that’s the best I can do. And if I have to be frank with them and let them know that I do have other obligations and important needs to attend to—I will have to say it. I care about people and certainly want to help them, but I can’t help people help themselves. Know where the cut-off point is before you get taken advantage of.

3.  Keep Your Sanity

Maybe it’s going out with the girls/guys, going on a date with your partner, shopping (yes–you heard me–some indulgent shopping)! It doesn’t have to be a big ticket item.

Sometimes it’s a new music download to enjoy on your weekend, a new wine to try out, a cheesy movie, Godiva chocolate (yummy—with the new wine).

Maybe it’s taking a relaxing bubble bath, visiting family, meditation, some quiet time with a book…..whatever makes you tick! Our lives are so busy, active, and social media filled to the brim! Escape for a bit to clear your mind and recharge your soul.

4.  Don’t Be Shy–

My parents raised me with the attitude of whatever you want to be, you can do it. I think that sometimes we lose our way and find that the most easy path is the convenient path. Here’s what you need to remember….”Be it, Do it, Own It”. Make a list or image board of what you desire and continuously look to see if you are achieving these goals or creating a strategy to get there.

The solutions don’t all come immediately–that would be too easy, but get out there in the world and own your piece of it!

In making sure that I continue to envision all of these goals on a daily basis, I have set little mini reminders on my cell phone that pop up first thing in the morning as soon as I wake up and some for when I arrive in my office…words as simple as “Be confident”, “I am strong. I am capable”, “Be fierce”…..little love notes to myself to remind me…you got this girl!!!  #noexcuses

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