Eugenia Millender a Latina Agent of Change

Meet Eugenia Millender a 2015 Hispanic Woman of Distinction


Eugenia MillenderEugenia is an agent of change. Her career in health has been dedicated to increasing access to quality care, improving vulnerable populations to obtain healthcare services, decreasing health and mental disparities in a culturally sensitive environment across the state and international borders.

Eugenia obtained her nursing degree while enrolled in the Army, and earned her Bachelor, Masters and Phd from Florida Atlantic University.   Today Eugenia is the Director and Assistant Professor at the FAU Christine Lynne College of Nursing, of which she was a founding member and placed the center in the heart of one of the most underserved Hispanic populations in Palm Beach County. 

As the Director of the Florida Atlantic University Community Health Center, a transformation she led of the FAU Diabetes Education and Research Center,

 Proud of her Panamanian and Kuna Indigenous ethnicity, Eugenia uses her diverse language skills to assist globally as well in her mission work in Panama, Peru and to those devasted in Haiti in 2010 earthquake.    Eugenia is an champion for health causes, an advocate for policy change and a leader for raising awareness of significant health issues in the community.

Eugenia’s community service is lengthy, and the awards she has received by so many community organizations is inspiring. She is the President-elet of the prestigious chapted of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, West Palm Beach Chapter.

When asked about the role Hispanic women play in today’s society she stated, “Today, more than ever, Latinas most play an active role at all levels of an organization but more importantly at the “C” level (CEO, COO, CFO) where many decisions that impact the Hispanic population are made. Passion and personal experience equips them with the right tools to be an agent of change.”

Eugenia is married to Donald, and the mother of three boys living in West Palm Beach. 

Eugenia will be celebrated as Hispanic Woman of Distinction on August 14, 2015.

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