Explore Barcelona’s amazing La Boqueria food market with me….
Barcelona market
Let’s go!

I have been busy this spring traveling through Europe to find some of the best fashion trends to inspire all of you!! BUT–

I’ve also been taking a little bit of time to enjoy the cultures, foods, and rich histories of many of these beautiful international cities. Today I want to share the fun and vibrant sights and well–you can almost smell–the foods of La Boqueria in Barcelona!!

Entering the sprawling food stalls of La Boqueria early in the morning, it is busy, hustling and bustling. Everyone is taking in all of the intense smells from fruits, nuts, spices, cheeses, dried peppers, olives, eggs, and fresh cuts of meats and fish ready to be made into your dinner!



Entering the easily recognized metal archway of La Boqueria off of La Rambla on a sunny Monday morning!


Time to scour the market for some breakfast!
Take a virtual tour with my at 
The freshest fruits to be found!
Some of my favorite things to take advantage of here in the market for a very inexpensive price of  about € 1.50 to € 2.00–you can get fresh cut local fruits and smoothies!


More fresh fruits and juices!

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to travel back to the U.S. with many of these incredible edibles unless they’ve been stamped with government approval to enter the U.S.A., BUT the next best thing is to pick up some things for your snacks while you are spending your time wandering the streets of Barcelona…..

For the “sweet tooth”….

Dried fruits and nuts sold by the pound!


More dried nuts and fruits!
Candied fruits–so sweet!
Easter ready chocolates–little hens and easter egg nests of chocolates as well as amazing chocolate truffles!


Check out these fun chocolate twists on”iconic” motifs–hamburgers, sushi rolls, Coca-Cola bottles and of course my favorite—the Chanel handbag!

For the more “traditionalist” approach…..some handmade “torro”, which is typically a honey, sugar and egg white nougat mixed with assorted nuts

For the “savory” taste buds….

If you’re more of a savory personality, get some sliced Iberian meats. The choices are endless!
A perfect accompaniment to your cured meats–some fresh hot breads


….and some anchovies


And if you are lucky enough to live in Barcelona or be staying with someone who lives here, you can buy amazing fresh meats to take home and prepare for your truly Barcelonian style dinner!!


Fresh cuts of red meat!

For the brave–sweet breads!
More “delicacies”….


Let’s get some intestines to make menudo and some pigs feet! I know these types of foods make my dad super happy!
Assorted dried cod….


Sniff away!!! A vast array of dried peppers that can used both decoratively and functionally for reconstituting in your cooking!


Farm fresh eggs….especially in season for all your Easter decorating!
I need at least 2 dozen to make some cascarónes!

And now that I’ve finished my fruit smoothie and purchased some snacks for later on, I’m going to pick up a few Pintxos….


Real pintxos are little appetizers on toothpicks (literal translation of pintxos/pinchos meaning “spike” that can consist of cooked fish, anchovies, peppers, red meats…almost anything, but since these ones are to go–they are a large skewer loaded with lots of goodies to take on your merry way!!!

Mini skewers of cured meats and bread to take on the go…


More pintxos….
Well, I am officially stuffed from my food tour of La Boqueria and I hope you know exactly where you’re going to go the next time you are in Barcelona for a true food experience of this beautiful city! Buen comer!


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