Flowers in Her Hair—Again (The Renaissance Fair)


My Lords and Ladies (Fashionistas),
Ye are twice over lucky with a double header fashion blog this weekend! Today I am going Medieval on you! My friends and I are making the trip to the Renaissance Fair in Tuxedo, NY for a bit of “here thee, here thee”…..

Everyone who attends the fair seems to be showing up in costume. This is my first time attending and I see that I have commit a blunderous fashion faux paux by not having partaken in the full extent of the event and going in costume. Next year I will definitely come with my Renaissance “A” game. I will need the proper attire AND vernacular! Don’t mess with the role playing here because it is the real deal! I do find that the term “Renaissance” seems to be used quite loosely though because you could be a king, queen, princess, knight, wench, vagabond, pirate, time traveler, colonial safari huntsman, wizard, fairy, elf, steampunker, goth-punk, and many other things—but I guess the bottom line is you will most definitely meet other people of your kind here! If you’re wearing elven ears, so are 50 other people!

Come hither, come hither and enter into the Queen’s Landing!

The signs tell you to enter the Sterling Forest so I did. I had no idea that the walk from the car through the Sterling Forest was for reals!!!! Quite a hike to reach pseudo civilization consisting of somewhere from the 14th to 17th century era of Renaissance-ism.

Let us go thither…..Making the trek through the Sterling Forest.
We will be robustly rewarded at the end by a pint of mead!!


Arrival at the gates of the kingdom


Welcome all to the Queen’s Landing
A reward for the journey….yea, me thinks so!
T’was quite surprised to see Budweiser plastic chalices in use at ye old pub???


As I am feeling quite underdressed at the Ren Fair, I feel that I must accessorize a bit to fit in with the other damsels
Rosie’s Posies is quite the posh place to find a beautiful wreath of flora and fauna to bring out the princess in you!


So many choices!


Lady Min and Lady T have chosen to accessorize with “ladies of the hunt” hair garlands.
Flowers, leaves, and feathers set the tone to find some weaponry challenges at the fair
Let us not forget our Ice Princess Georgia who for today rules parts of the kingdom around 17A in Tuxedo, NY. 
Let them eat cake!!


Fashionable Shopping for the Era..
And just as in any era, there should be fashion. I don’t think this would have been attire that just any old person could afford, but let’s look at designer tastes in the Renaissance era….


This chain mail must weigh a hundred pounds at least. You would be most happy to be wearing it as a sword point was aimed directly at your torso if you could only be strong enough to wear the damn thing. 
Gorgeous silk tunic with leather belt and shoulder piece
Rockin’ clothes for a knight of the round table on his day off


The best accessory for a knight and possibly even a lady of the times….
Beautiful leather flask holders


Beautiful ladies gown with a rouched bustle.
Dull silver outer corset piece over matte black silk


Sexy black leather corset over grey silk skirt and shirred blood red top with black contrast banding


This is Lady Min’s favorite. She loves this shade of green.


Gorgeous hand knit cape 
Fun hand crochet funky bracelets–yes I bought some.
3 for $12.00–a bargain by Renaissance standards!


Well thank goodness I found M’ Lady’s Panties store. You know it’s so hard to find a pantaloon cut these days. All you can find is bikini briefs, thongs, and boy shorts. So long Jockey, Hanes, and Victoria Secret–these guys are out to claim the underwear market!!

What say you? Let us take a look at the sights of the fair–


I don’t think camels were something I would have thought of to be a part of the Renaissance, but here they are anyway.
Kind of funny–I’ve never seen a real live camel in person. These guys were kind of cute.


The Queen’s court enjoying the lovely music of the minstrels


The minstrels in action


A friendly little swordsmanship


Some rock and roll bagpipes!!
I told you–anything goes. Wear your cargo shorts with actual armor–it’s all cool!!


The jousting is upon us!


A Gandalf sighting!!
“You shall not pass!!”


The bird section of the fair. Pretty cool!


The condor is pretty spectacular! His full wingspan is wider than most people are tall–impressive and he wanted to show off for us!


Knives, Stars, Axe—pick your poison and hit your target!!


Let us make our way to the archery targets for a most splendid time!
Ye olde mappe…..this was not the easiest map to follow. Cute and all, but NOT accurate!I have managed to locate (on paper at least) the archery range!
Arriving at our final destination of the day!


The huntress


The pro!
The beginner holding good form
Bulls Eye!!

The Renaissance Fair is on until Sept. 21st in Tuxedo, NY. I have lived in the area for a long time and this is incredibly only my first time visiting, but it will most certainly NOT be my last time!! What a fun event with lots of creative spirit. Join the fun and bring out your inner knight and princess!!!



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