Have You Prepared Your Business For The VR Sales Revolution?

virtual reality

5 areas identified where virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) could radically impact your business.


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies are going to reshape our businesses.

They already have at Ford. They now use VR in designing cars. Work associates located on different continents hold meetings in 3D through VR conferences. Ford has cut costs and reduced worker lost work time by using VR technologies to re-engineer the assembly line.

VR is a computer generated 3D environment.

Ford sat me in a motorized chair linked to their latest VR technology.

They put a  headset on my head covering my eyes with speakers over each ear. This headset placed me in 3D city. I was sitting in a futurist urban vehicle. Then this autonomous vehicle began flying me  between office towers.

My brain kept telling I was sitting in a chair in Detroit. My senses told me I was flying. My senses won and I got motion sickness.

This might sound like a game. It is not. VR is an unbelievably vibrant new sales door to your customers!

The VR Sales Revolution

VR technology is about to push the e-commerce revolution into hyper drive.

VR tech will move consumers from the flat screen world of today’s smart phones or TVs. VR will allow your customers to experience products in a three dimensional digital world.

The forces that drove mass adoption of smart phones are now driving VR’s mass adoption. The cost of VR technology is falling like a rock. The equipment no longer requires specialized expertise to use.

Entertainment will be VR’s killer app revenue path. Imagine being able to download endless numbers of roller coaster rides.

Watching a movie will be revolutionized. VR movies will put the viewer “inside” a 3D environment alongside actors, dinosaurs and zombies. The VR experience will make our big screen TVs and surround sound systems feel like a black and white TV.

Now imagine commercials within VR entertainment. For example, a consumer will be able to sit inside a car and experience its acceleration.

Is your business B2B? VR will allow your customers a detailed 3D examination of product components. It will allow a prospective B2B customer to “use’ the product in a 3D representation of their shop floor or office.

Steps For Using VR To Grow Sales

The obvious question is how does a business start using futuristic technologies like VR?

  • The first step is to buy a VR headset. PC Magazine ranks the Sony, HTC and Facebook VR headsets highly.
  • The next step is to just play with the VR headset.

Let your work associates experience it too.

Have some fun letting your customers experience VR. Then ask a lot of questions like, what do they like or don’t like about the VR experience?

How they could see VR being used in your business?

Engaging work associates and customers in VR is crucial to anticipating how they will response when this technology goes mainstream.

Next- 5 areas identified and How Augmented Reality Can Be A First Use For Your Business


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