High Fashion and Function in New Workout Gear!



There is an abundance of great work-out gear on the market these days and sometimes I find myself just shopping for easy basic pieces that can get the “work” part of the job done….but sometimes what I really want are truly special pieces that I can look and feel amazing in yet also get me through my workout.

A few weeks ago, I was in LA for a business meeting and I had a bit of time to do some shopping. I discovered the store Lorna Jane in the fun outdoor Westfield Century City mall. This is a relatively new chain that is Australian based and now has quite a few outposts in California, Arizona–and just now adding a few in Texas as well. With a friendly staff that truly believes in the importance of balancing work, family, and your own healthy lifestyle–you can’t help but have fun shopping their store!  Since we don’t yet have one here in NY (seriously???), I’ve been shopping them though their website. It is certainly not the easiest to maneuver through, but I’ll suffer though it to get some of these awesome work-out clothes!


Lorna Jane at the Westfield Century City mall



Words to Live By!!


Lorna Jane Crop Mesh Layering Tee

Looks great over a pop neon color


Lorna Jane Hoodie Sports Bra






My other great active wear find is a brand called Alō. This is a brand that I’ve come across especially when I’m shopping small independent boutiques. They are also carried in Nordstrom as well, but not in the variety of assortment that you can find on their on-line website. They have super unique styling and are made in high performance fabrics that also just feel amazing.

The Goddess Legging from Alō: With this fun mix of rib fabric on the lower part of the legging and fun prints on the top, they create a “leg warmer” look on these high performance leggings.


The Goddess Legging from Alō

In contrasting solids–love these!!



The Cozy Cross-Over Back Sweatshirt from Alō




Alō Sexy Back Tee with Contrast Binding

Love this soft fabric

Well, now that I’ve shared some of my new great work-out gear brands, I guess I should go get myself changed into some of these amazing clothes and get that workout started….happy sweating!!