Hispanic Artists are Making a Mark in the NFT World

In the last couple years there has been quite a bit of hype in the NFT realm.

We’ve heard of a number of very successful NFT artists who have amounted incredible wealth through selling NFTs, absolutely, but for the majority of the population, this new idea and the systems behind it are extremely confusing. 

In a nutshell, NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital pieces that can not be replicated or replaced. Dollars, for example are fungible, you can exchange my dollar for yours and it wouldn’t make a difference because it’s still a dollar. If you have an original piece of artwork though, it’s non-fungible because you can’t exchange it for another. 

NFTs are part of a cryptocurrency called Ethereum. And although NFTs can be anything that is digital, the current hype is in the digital art world. 

These have become the new-age way to create art and not only get compensated for it, but also have an opportunity to generate a community around it. 

Here are 5 Latinos making noise in the NFT space that should be on your radar.

Ilse Valfré 

Ilse Valfré is a female latin artist that is crushing the stigma about NFTs with her 10,000 piece collection, that includes 15 characters with 600 original pieces.  According to LA Magazine Valfré was raised in Playa de Tijuana and started to create art as in her childhood.

Jesus Martinez 

Jesus Martinez, a Mexican-American NFT Artist, has amounted a large amount of success through his NFT art. According to Times Magazine, Martinez started taking art in high school, and began his NFT career in 2021. Martinez, who focuses on storytelling through his art, became one of the first Latin artists to be talked about on international media.

Yuseph Zapata

Yuseph Zapata is a Colombian street artist and graffiti writer. His colorful style and creativity are a great example of how NFTs and art can be used in a playful way to onboard a community of art collectors into both the digital and physical world. 

Crypto Lucha 

Crypto Lucha was inspired by video games of the 90’s in combination with the Mexican lucha libre. Crypto Lucha was created to offer a Latino inclusive economy. Although a web revolution is on the horizon, there are many that continue to be skeptical of the emerging technologies. Crypto Lucha is on a mission to educate Latinos on the new era of technology, its possibilities, and how it all works.


Badwabbitz a self taught artist and entrepreneur from Puerto Rico who believes the cliche of “starving artist” should be a thing of the past. Setting out to revolutionize the art world in both the digital and physical space, he has forged a path building a community of artists and “brand ambassadors”. Speaking at this years NFT NYC conference he hopes to continue to grow the community and bring his characters to life!

Interested? Learn more about NFTs here.

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