Hispanic Super Consumers Are Mobile And Green



Two proven ways to make money and built customer trust

The absolutely great news is that your business can cut costs by taking actions to reduce air pollution and conserve resources like water and energy. Two proven action paths are 1)to enact a waste management systems through your local waste management company and 2)install solar power. Both of these actions will reduce your costs.

Most of the big corporations like Dupont, Walmart and GM are earning hundreds of millions annually through their waste management programs that reduce costs and allow for the recapture of valuable commodities that were once shipped to a land fill. Solar, in those states where utilities allow net metering, is now as cheap or cheaper than utility supplied electricity. Plus investing in solar protects your business from future utility rate increases.

Again, all the big corporations are now heavily investing in onsite solar power. My local Walmart just installed a parking lot structure with solar panels that provides the store with solar energy plus shading of their customer’s cars. That solar system is more powerful than all of Walmart’s advertising in terms of communicating to their customers their commitment to them.

I chose these two examples because they also enable customer engagement. Two of the top ways a customer evaluates a business’ authenticity is if they have a recycling bin by their front door and solar on their roof. The business choice could not be more obvious. You could spend a lot of advertising money telling people how authentic your business is. Or you can MAKE MONEY through reducing your costs with a waste management system and installing solar power.

The bottom line for every business is to build an emotional connection with your Super Consumers. A proven key best practice is to align with them over their concerns regarding the environment and human health. That is how a business builds customer trust. That is how it grows sales. It is proven to reduce costs. That is the Green Economic Revolution.

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