Honoring the Humble Journey of Latino Owned Businesses

Male And Female Latino business Owners Standing At Sales Desk

Core to Hispanic businesses are important values like connection, authenticity, resilience and support of the culture.

According to Webster’s dictionary to honor means to regard or treat (someone or something) with admiration and respect.  Often honoring means there are qualities or values that those people/things have to make us feel connected to them and deserving.  When it comes to Latino Businesses there are important values like connection, authenticity, resilience and support of the culture that come to mind.

More and more Latino-run business that are being honored and growing in the last few decades.  Latinos continue to start businesses at a faster rate than their non-Latino counterparts at 44% growth in just the last 10 years. (State of Latino Entrepreneurship – Stanford Business School).  And many of the power houses you know, and love started as small business which is why we honor them and their journey.

If you have dreams to start one, now is the time.  Here are a couple of examples of Hispanic business that started from humble beginnings and became incredibly successful.

ZUMBA – Beto Perez

Perez started his business as an aerobics instructor in Colombia.  He once forgot his exercise tapes and had to improvise by adding dance moves to his usual class. That new format gave him the fire he needed to create his empire that now includes 15 million Zumba clients at 200,000 location in 180 countries.  He didn’t stop there though.  His vision has sparked a clothing series and even video game, making it a $500 million empire.

“Patience and perseverance will take you further than talent.” – Beto Perez

The Original Beautyblender – Rea Ann Silva

Before building her business Rea Ann Silva had years of experience working as a professional making up artists for artists, entertainers and on movie sets. As a working single mother who wanted to avoid the hassle of using an airbrush which meant actors had to be pulled off set, she invented a unique makeup product. The Original Beautyblender is a sponge unlike any other that received the best in beauty award from Allure.  In 2019, her company’s sales were expected to reach $215 million and she’s received endorsements with Sephora and some of the biggest influencers as she continues to expand her products.

“I live and breathe beauty, but when I look at my life, it’s more than just the industry and my business. My life as a human being is the much bigger picture.” – Rea Ann Silva

The Dog Whisperer – Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan is best known as television’s “The Dog Whisperer” but his journey to success wasn’t easy (see Millan’s Latin Biz Today profile article).  Millan grew up working with animals on the farm in Sinaloa, Mexico where his grandfather, Teodoro Millán Ángulo, was a tenant farmer.  His natural way with dogs earned him the name “el Perrero”, the dog herder.  After getting to the states his first job was at a dog grooming store before creating the Pacific Point Canine Academy and later on the Dog Psychology Center he owns today in Los Angeles.  He truly shot to stardom after starring in a reality series about his amazing skills in rehabilitation and dog training.  Cesar has been in many magazines, made public appearances and launched a successful book “Top Dogs and their Pets” which became a hit. His net worth is estimated at $20 million.

 “We are all going to have obstacles along the way, but for me the ingredients were belief, passion, and clear intention of what I wanted to accomplish.” – Cesar Millan

Each of these had a humble start and turned their passions into their purpose and profit which is something that is truly honored in the Latino culture.  You can begin with a small practice, and truly transform the industry and genre you love.  What will you create this year that will honor your vision and culture?

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